‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham On Being A Role Model & Dealing With Grief

She’s received a lot of criticism since allowing cameras to document her life on the reality series 16 and Pregnant, but as she gears up for Season 3 of MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham tells TV Guide that her hope is for viewers to see her as a role model, “not a whore.”

“I don’t think they realize I’m with Sophia a lot,” explains Abraham. “I work hard, and when I go out, [viewers] just don’t want to let it go.

“They [are] mad I’m taking a break. I hear a lot of, ‘Where’s your daughter? Why isn’t she with you? Why are you out with some guy?'” Farrah continues. “I’m not a whore, I’m just getting a free dinner and some drinks, so why not? I feel bad for other single moms that have to hear the same sh–. I hope it’s different for other people.”

Speaking of her social life, Farrah admits that it’s a little tough trying to find the right guy being on TV, but says that dating is “more fun” than a relationship right now as she focuses on raising her daughter and getting over the loss of Sophia’s father, who died months before she was born.

I’ve been going to counseling and dealing with my grief,” Abraham reveals. “Losing somebody I loved and planned on having a relationship with was a big shock to go through, and I didn’t want to do it if I was doing a TV show. That’s the hard thing I had to make a choice about: How do I present this on TV and still be in my comfort zone? It’s something that’s pretty emotional, and I work through it daily. I think I’m working on it better now and trying to have relationships. It’s a process.”

And that’s not the only thing the Iowa native is working on.

“[I’m] focusing really hard on my education and becoming more serious as an adult,” says Farrah. “I’m growing into more of my parent responsibilities, which I’m very proud of. … I start school in about a week and a half for my Bachelors in Culinary Management so I can own my own restaurant or business.”

In doing so, Abraham hopes that the haters will start to recognize that she’s a role model for other young moms.

“I believe I’ve earned that title,” Farrah explains. “I take time and give advice to other teen moms and teenagers … and it helps their lives. I care about other people. That’s why I do this show.”

All new episodes of Teen Mom air Tuesdays at 8|7c on MTV.

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  • Jenn

    You know, I use to hate and i thought she was a terrible mom her the first season of teen mom. But now I really like her and think shes a great mom and person. In the second and now the third season you can see she is trying sooo hard to make a good life for her and her daughter. I really wish her the best in life 🙂

  • MonroeDIVACannon

    LOL. Mom and baby giving paps the stink eye! Loves it!

  • Anonymous

    She’s entitled, narcissistic, ungrateful, disrespectful and downright cruel especially to her father who, from what I have seen, has shown her nothing but love.

  • Anonymous

    Guess the boob job paid for by a loan because the money she gets per episode because she can’t deal with finances helps her be that role model she claims to be? Cute kid though.

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