Angie Harmon’s Bakery Bunch

Actress Angie Harmon was spotted out and about in West Hollywood, California yesterday with her two youngest daughters Avery, 6, and Emery, 2 (July 6). Big sister Finley, 7, wan’t with the pretty trio, who stopped off for a treat at Magnolia Bakery.

It seems the girls are back on the West coast for a visit with mom – Angie films her show Rizzoli & Isles in LA while the kids and dad Jason Sehorn stay at the family’s North Carolina home.

The former Law & Order star recently talked about how hard it is to be separated from her family, saying, “It breaks my heart that I don’t see my daughters every day, don’t get to hug them and brush their hair.”

Angie added that she makes up for the missed time when she reunites with her daughters on the weekends: “I’ll wake up with my girls in the bed with me, and we’re like kittens. We’re all over each other, and Jason’s all scrunched up because we’ve pushed him over to the far side of the bed. I love being nestled into their necks… My happiest time is when the girls are all running around, and I have to step over the dog to get to the fridge.”

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  1. klutzy_girl

    Cannot wait until Rizzoli and Isles comes back! I’ve missed the show so much. During the hiatus, I recently read all but the last two books that the series is based on.

  2. Anonymous

    The youngest has some really bizzare eyebrows! Especially in the Got Milk Ads. Sad, but true! XO

  3. Tara

    These girls are beautiful and dressed like little girls should be in my opinion. I love Angie and the traditional life she strives for but have a hard time reconciling her excuse for being so far from her kids for the purpose of work.

    • Anonymous

      the word “traditional’ is overused in my opinion. it can mean different things to different people depending on your circumstance–angie’s traditional values include being a working mother while another person’s traditional values means being a stay at home mother while another person’s means being an unmarried heterosexual/homosexual couples committed to raising a child together…c’est la vie…as long as the kids are decent human beings then that’s all that matters to me…

      Angie is lucky..she was born beautiful and that afforded her certain opportunities in life including being able to meet and marry a rich athlete..she can stay at home with her children while others can’t…

      • Anonymommy

        You are nuts. Traditional means long honored, ancestral, and handed down generation to generation. A homosexual cannot have that definition unless they are from a long line of gays, which in itself is biologically difficult. The working mother is a new phenomenon circa the 1980s and no one calls single motherhood a time honored event.

        Perhaps you meant the role of modern parenting has many definitions. Traditional is pretty cut and dry. Angie certainly follows a more conservative, vis a vis traditional lifestyle. She is pro- life, pro small government, pro right to bear arms, anti new healthcare legislation, anti same sex marriage. Please do your research before making a baseless counter reply.

        Tara great to see you back. You are correct , the fact that she works 3000 miles away from the home of her children is a bit contradictory to her otherwise traditional view of family.

      • Tara

        As you said it’s your opinion and I can respect that. Technically though “traditional” is reserved for generational acts and beliefs. Same sex couples is a fairly newly recognized union and therefore cannot really be labeled as being handed down in a family unit.

        I think it is a bit offensive to minimize her hard work to get where she is simply because she was born beautiful. That too is subjective, and there are many gorgeous woman out there who things came easily but many more who actually had a harder time being taken seriously because of their looks. I am not naive of course one’s appearance plays into the publics perception of you, however since model looks are a dime a dozen these days, it takes much more substance to succeed than just a pretty face. Angie seems to have earned her lifestyle.

      • Anonymous2

        I am guessing she meant traditional in it’s purist form which means that it’s been defined by your ancestors. Historically that has been mom staying at home..etc. But i am thinking she is referancing the fact that Angie is a staunch republican and very vocal about her thoughts on faith in God and the family unit of a man and a woman. You might mean to imply that new traditions are being created, but to be fair 3 generations have to pass before it’s recognized as a tradition. In 40 years homosexuals may be the norm as well as other modern movements. I hope so.

    • UPC87

      Agree. Love how the girls look like a 2,7,10 yr old should.

    • Anonymous

      Can we please stop using “traditional” as a synonym for “good”? Slavery and subjugation of women were also traditional. Doesn’t mean those are good things. Nor does it mean the conservative view of the world is good, either.

      • Anon

        Touchy touchy. No one said traditional was good or bad. They were correcting the anonymous poster who referenced that it could be interrogate many ways.

        It’s simple, cut and dry- if a person follows something that has been handed down generation after generation it’s the proper definition of TRADITIONAL? Not one person said conservative was good or bad either they.

        Stop using the slavery excuse. It’s a baby site, go put your diatribe on the New York Times site.

        Agree- welcome back tara, missed ya.

      • Tara

        One of the reasons people stop coming to these sites, which are meant to be fairly lighthearted, is because of posts like this. It is very ignorant to assume that because I used the word traditional I support slavery and the “subjugation of women”. Historically speaking the word tradition has been USED for positive things. And to be fair most times it’s used is to reference exactly that. I have never heard anyone use the term “tradition” to describe slavery. Typically it denotes familial and cultural customs that are endearing. Angie has a view that family should be man and wife and children, Sunday dinners, family vacations and faith in God. It is a fact that those were indeed traditional values. No one here made any mention to the contrary. In fact they said new traditions will arise as time goes on. It’s a simple comment about a seemingly loving family. Not a platform for any conservative or liberal agenda and I apologize if your sensitivities were offended.

        Thx for the welcome back to both anonymous….

      • Anonymous 71

        Give it a rest, you know perfectly well that is not what was meant. Geesh people lighten up.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know when I think of traditional I think of slavery?! Seriously. GMAFB.

        • Anonymous

          And congratulations all of you for completely missing the point of that comment. But I suppose I shouldn’t expect anyone here to actually understand such complexities.

          • Anonymous

            You cannot seriously be implying that you articulated your point with more clarity than Tara or any of the anonymous. You are the one who must enjoy playing the victim or worse yet champion of the imaginary downtrodden. Crawl back into your hole troll.

          • Anonymous

            Furthermore stop trying to incite a debate in an otherwise innocuous essay. Seriously get a life and focus your misplaced anger and guilt elsewhere.

          • Tara

            Ok I am game. If you care to elaborate please educate me on the exact complexities I overlooked with your generalization that anyone who uses the word traditional, must be narrow-minded and unable to see fault in the historical past of our forefathers. One like myself who recognizes the virtues of an antediluvian lifestyle must not be able to appreciate that while there were advantages there were indeed some harsher objectionable realities.

            I must have been naive to think that praising the value that Angie Harmon has for the antiquated family unit was a harmless post.

          • Anonymommy

            She just wants to be a jerk. Don’t give her the time. Good post though.

            Btw what is antediluvian? Tradition?

          • Rebecca

            Go Tara. 🙂 And welcome back! I missed your posts.
            And Anonymommy, what’s Google?

          • Anonymommy

            @Rebecca- thx;)

            @anonymommy- it is my pathetic and failed attempt at being ironic, basically it’s a synonym for very old( almost before the biblical floods;)

  4. noneedtoknow

    Wow! Avery and Emery are gorgeous !!

  5. Anonymous

    Funny, I too thought the same thing about how they are dressed age-appropriate. As a mother of two girls myself, I try to dress my girls modestly. It amazes me the young barely in school-age girls I see with string bikinis on…

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