Cindy Crawford & Kaia: Denim Duo

Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia, 9, were seen spending the afternoon shopping in Malibu, Calif. on Friday (July 8).

Mother and daughter both wore denim shorts for the outing. Kaia’s 12-year-old brother Presley wasn’t with them.

Cindy really strives to be a model mom. She explained to Marlo Thomas how she sets a good example for her daughter.

She said, “Having come from the world I come from and you know having to maintain a certain weight for most of my career which fortunately hasn’t been too much of a struggle…I don’t want my daughter to think, ‘wow I have to deprive myself in order to be pretty’.

“So if we go have ice cream as a family I will order an ice cream. I don’t usually eat the whole thing but I don’t want her to associate being pretty to being thin. It’s really a balance, I can be an example by living it.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Presley is her brother, not her sister!

  2. Matryoshka

    Kaia’s 12 year old BROTHER…

  3. Anonymous

    Presley is Kaia’s 12 year old brother not sister.

  4. Morgan

    Presley is actually Cindy’s son, not another daughter. 🙂

  5. frndsmniac84

    Presley is actually her brother!

  6. Anonymous

    Presley is her brother.

  7. Anonymous

    hahahahaha sister? its her brother!!!!!!!!

  8. Tay

    I would change sister to brother guys b4 u get flack!

  9. Anonymous

    Cindy Crawford has a daughter and a son-Presley is a boy, and other stories about them on this site correctly identify her family.

  10. Anonymous

    Older sister? Presley is a boy

  11. Mia

    12-year-old BROTHER Presley. Cindy has a girl and a BOY 😉

  12. Remy

    Kaia is so pretty. BTW, that should be Kaia’s brother Presley, not sister.

  13. Kate

    Presley is not a sister, he is her brother.

  14. Anonymous

    correction Presley is the brother not sister.

  15. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Presley is her brother and not her sister.

  16. Anonymous

    Woops Presley is Kaia’s BROTHER hehe

  17. Anonymous

    Um…Presley is a boy.

  18. Anonymous

    Seriously?! Presley is her SON.

  19. Anonymous

    Er, Presley is her brother. Cindy has gorgeous kids!

  20. Judge Judy

    It cracks me up every time I read Presley stated as a girl.
    He cut his hair and everything! Poor guy!

  21. Lisa

    Presley is a brother not a sister (he does have long hair though).

  22. noneedtoknow

    Kaia is so gorgeous!!!!!

  23. Yakasuri

    Presley is her brother :S

  24. Anonymous

    Presley is a boy not a girl.

  25. Lisa Estall

    Thanks readers, I actually knew that believe it or not. Sorry for the silly error.

  26. Lily

    25 identical comments. LOL.

  27. abby

    do we really need twenty five people to point this out?? do you guys even see that a hundred people already posted the same thing? jeez..

    • Anonymous

      I was one of the people who pointed out the error and when I posted, no comments had showed up. So no, I didn’t see the invisible comments. The moderation was on I guess so they had to be approved first.

  28. SMH

    I thought 27 comments, wow what is going on in this photo, insteadd it was 27 people telling someone the same thing! lol. A waste of a click!

  29. Anonymous

    After the first poster flagged the mistake, did it have to be repeated 20+ more times? Geez.

    Anyway Kaia is gorgeous, but then again she looks exactly like her mother.

  30. Tanya

    well that was a ridiculous thread.

  31. Anonymous

    I think everyone submitted before any comments were posted so everyone thought that everyone else hadn’t said anything.

  32. Anonymous

    Wow she’s going to be one tall girl !!

  33. Anonymous

    She is Cindy all over again.. her mini-me!

  34. Anonymous

    At nine years-old, Kaia is jaw-dropping gorgeous!!!!

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