Felicity Huffman Worried Kids Would End Her Career

Thirty-eight years old when she had her first child, actress Felicity Huffman admits that she put motherhood on hold because she was worried that having kids would ruin her career. Ten years later, the mom-of-two says that her experience as a mom is actually what helped her to land her gig on Desperate Housewives.

“Both Bill [Felicity’s husband, William H. Macy] and I were workaday actors and you never make any money. You’re sure that your last job is your last job and there’s no security to start a family,” she recalls. “So I kept waiting because my idea was that children would end my career. But oddly enough, it was because of my children that I got Desperate Housewives. I was such a mess at the audition when I came in as a real mother.”

Having played the role of mom-of-five Lynette Scavo for many years now, Felicity says that she does see some similarities between her character and herself.

“We find motherhood, particularly small children, challenging and crazy-making. We’re sort of buried in motherhood, although Lynette has better reason because she has more children…. Both of us are ambitious but she’s a bit more of a ballbuster with her husband. And both of us love our families and love our husbands very much.”

When she’s not on the set, Felicity’s days are spent with her daughters Sophie, 10, and Georgia, 9.

“I take my children to school, I pick them up after school, and I do those ordinary things like going shopping or to the dry cleaner.”

Though she seems happier in motherhood now that the girls are a bit older, Felicity reveals that her husband is already preparing himself for their teenage years.

“I think Bill is going to freak out. He is talking about building a moat and sending them to a convent…. He says he’s going to bring in a big gun and say, ‘Nice to meet you. This is a Magnum 357. If you don’t have her back by 11.30pm, you can use it on yourself .'”

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