Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise & I “Make It Work”

Actress, designer and mom Katie Holmes covers the August issue of In Style magazine, looking beautiful in hot pink Lanvin. In the interview, Suri‘s mom talks family and date nights – and reveals why she and her husband Tom Cruise have no plans for another baby.

On date nights with Tom: “Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from World War II. He painted the words, ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ on the side… It feels like you’re on a bike in the sky. I thought, I’m either going to spend this whole flight totally freaked out or realize this is pretty thrilling.”

On not feeling pressure to give Suri a baby brother or sister: “We already have a very big family; a full household with cousins who are over a lot, and she has her friends. My biggest thing is making sure she’s fully taken care of and doing well.”

On how she and Tom put family first: “In our family we have a policy: we make it work. We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other. We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”

On how motherhood has influenced her work: “My work has changed for the better. I have more to bring to a role.”

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Photo credit: In Style, August 2011


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  1. Anonymous

    Why does it look like there was a giant pink square photoshopped onto this picture?

  2. Anonymous

    It does work look at Jen Garner and Ben Affleck .both Ben and Tom were with
    Movie stars. Than they settled down with Tv stars. Kate with Dawson Creek
    And Jen with Alias. What happened to Conner and Isbella?

  3. Tazina

    Nothing wrong with having one child. Half the people I know are not close to their siblings anyway and only see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  4. Anonymous

    One thing I always find different and I guess kind of sad is when celebs say ‘we make it work, we try to see each other as much as often- I mean here saying ‘we try to not go a week without seeing each other’… I don’t mind celebrities, I understand they live different lives but that must suck that time spent together is almost like a privilege kind of… instead of like most families dad and mom come home- all together, spending time. No traveling to sets to see them, and only in between takes. As much as being a celeb obviously has it perks, I’d never want to give up all the time I have had with my family, especially as a little kid…

  5. Anonymous

    where does it say she doesn’t want more kids?

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous 5:44pm@ that what I like about the celeb couples that travel together as a family like Angelina and Brad, Hidie and Seal, Gwen and Gavin, Nicole and Keith, Jessica and Cash, Hugh and his wife and Johnny and his wife all of these couple never spend too much time apart from their family which I think is good.

  7. B

    (On how she and Tom put family first: “In our family we have a policy: we make it work. We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other. We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”)

    They must not try very hard because when Tom was filming MI there were pictures of both of them almost daily and Tom was out of the country and it was weeks and weeks before they were in the same place so unless they have on kind of trans sportier I call BS on her hole “try not to go for a week without seeing each other” because Tom was filming MI for months and before that he was filming “Knight and Day” like I said the daily pictures of Katie and Suri and To in one country and Tom on the set in another is proof that they spent a lot of time apart.

    As for having one kid good for her for not having more kids because other people/ fans feel she should give Suri a playmate, one is enough for her other people can handle more and Suri seems very high maintenance like she requires more attention than most kids.

  8. TiggerTiff

    Is it just me but doesn’t Katie Holmes resemble Kate Middleton? or vise versa.

  9. Anonymous

    Did you ever see Dawson Creek? How different Katie looks now? When she use to climb into Dawson window? Well I guess having Suri and Conner and Isabella
    And the cousins in one house is enough! And she has her own friends too.

    Nice to see Katie back again thanks celebrity bevy scoop

  10. Anonymous

    TiggerTiff @ it’s just you.

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