Katie Holmes Will “Take The Hit” For Suri’s Lack Of Winter Wear

It seems to be a familiar sight: Five-year-old Suri Cruise out with bare arms and legs while everyone around her is bundled up in warm winter sweaters or coats.

Mom Katie Holmes comes clean about Suri’s lack of jackets in a new interview with In Style magazine, admitting it’s caused her a bit of embarrassment.

Recently, Suri and I were taking a walk and a fight got started because it was cold outside and she didn’t want to wear her coat. My philosophy is, well, fine, because after a block of walking you’re going to ask me for your coat. So the pictures of her [without a coat in cold weather] are sort of embarrassing, but I said, ‘Suri, I’ll take the hit. Just put it on when you get cold.’”

Winter coats aside, the former Dawson’s Creek star goes on to gush about her adorable daughter’s fabulous fashion sense, saying, “I do not dress her. She dresses herself! Obviously, I buy her clothes, but she is the one who puts her outfits together. In fact, she helps me. If she likes something of mine, I know it’s good.”

Maybe Suri will take after her multi-talented mom and become a designer one day. Then again, Katie, who is married to actor Tom Cruise, says she already shows a flair for entertaining.

“I think she’s going to do a lot of different things,” Katie reveals. “She’s an amazing athlete, singer, and dancer, and I think she’ll probably be an actress.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Of course, the child is “amazing at everything”. Aren’t they all? LOL.

    This kid is getting way to big to be carried around like that. I can just picture Katie trying to carry her when she’s like 13 or so. So over protective and spoiled rotten. Too bad. Mini Paris Hilton in the making.

    • Janna

      You really have no idea how this child will turn out, so why make an uneducated speculation? I’m inclined not to think she going to be a horrible person just because her mother carries her when out in public (in public where invasive paparazzi are in their faces at every moment).

      I don’t think I carried my 4-year old around that much, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me that if I did, people would be judging and berating me behind my back.

      Her mother doesn’t think she’s too big too carry, so why is this such a big deal to people? I really don’t get it.

      • Anonymous

        I tend to agree that too much coddling gives a child a false sense of security. I have never seen one incident that a child has been harmed by paps though they do get too close. There will be a time when she can’t carry her any more and it may come as a shock to the kid. Old school mentality I suppose:)

  2. Anonymous

    Poor Katie– looks like the nasty people on these blogs are gettng to her. OK haters – one, two, three –start!

  3. lin

    This made me laugh :
    “She’s an amazing athlete, singer, dancer” ….. She’s five?!!

    • LaKesha

      What parent doesn’t think that their child is amazing?…no one can convince me that my daughter isn’t gifted.

      • EastParkMama

        LaKesha you are absolutely right! Besides as a parent are you really going to list out the shortcomings of you child in public? No, that’s a conversation to have with your partner/spouse after your kids go to bed. Besides as parents I think we are just so amazed by the growing up process and how much they learn in such a short time. If that comes across as bragging . . . oh well.

  4. Amber

    If a parent wants to carry her kid, let her carry her kid. It’s her choice and she has the last say.

  5. Missus K.

    She has to carry the girl because of the paparazzi..not because she wants to create a future Paris. Ignorant comment. Unless you are there walking with her you have no idea. Ive seen the paps in action around these celebs with kids and all one wants to do is pick them up and get the heck out of there.

  6. Tee

    Keep in mind that Katie and Suri are followed constantly by paparazzi. Most normal children would walk by their parent’s side and maybe wander or dilly dally, but it is not safe for Suri to do that. Maybe her mom carries her more often because it is easier to keep track of her in the crush of photogs. Honestly, I don’t think I carried my son after age three, but we don’t know the situation and motivation with people who are constantly dogged by the press.

    • Grandma of Four

      All excellent points! And, they come in a common sense point of view! I am, however, relieved to see Suri without the blanket that has appeared in photos for quite some time! I have seen photos of other celebs carrying older children and they don’t get the comments Katie and Tom get! This is one of those “no big deal” things! :~ )

  7. Audrey

    Spoiled rotten. If you mean indulged, and most kids are now adays, agreed. If you mean badly behaved then unless you personally know and deal with the family it is impossible to make that call.

  8. Anonymous

    Nice to see there are some reasonable, mature people on the site who recognize that sometimes it makes sense to carry Suri due to intrusive paparazzi. Too bad Katie felt compelled to defend herself about certain things in the interview – from what I can glean, she’s a great mom who spends a lot of time with her daughter instead of pawning her off on nannies. There’s no question she has help, but unlike some celebs, the nanny does not seem to be a permanent fixture like the Stefani family for example.

  9. celeste

    Katie seems like a great mom. She should have at least one more.

  10. SMH

    So that totally explains Katies lack of style!! 🙂

    Actually with Paparazzi Suri is quite safe. Most of them are there to photograph and although sometimes they get intrusive in your face many times the photos are taking from a distance with long lenses. I’ve only seen some rare cases on splash news of videos of massive amounts of papaprazzi shoved in someone’s face and that usually consist of videos of Paris Hilton, Brangelina, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. That being said, having so many photogs around Suri sure isn’t going to wander far!!

    Now for the clothing. Hmmm I get where she’s coming from. Kids always think they’re right and of course they learn quickly they’re not. My philosophy would be to say, “where this coat or we don’t go anywhere and you stay home!” Maybe Katie needs the book on how to raise a strong willed child LOL

  11. Anonymous

    Let’s the child be inappropriately dressed to avoid a fight…. wow Katie, being a good parent means you sometimes have to do what doesn’t make your little sweetheart happy. Poor Child….

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t hate the Cruises (I’m not their biggest fans either) ,but I think most of the tabloid stories I hear are pretty sad and dramatic- and the obsession with this kid’s life is really strange, but there really is no denying this kid is spoiled. I mean really… Katie admitting she lets Suri wear the jacket IF she wants, I’m pretty sure it goes beyond that. She probably lets her eat and do what she wants too. Just pointing it out, I’m not attacking them or saying they’re horrible and pshyco parents like some people think- but really is it so hard to tell a kid what they need to do and just make them do it? If Katie thinks she should wear a jacket, she should just tell her and make her wear it. I don’t know though, to each is own I guess. Like Katie said, she’s the one that’s going to have to deal with the consequences.

  13. Anonymous

    I never got the big deal that she carries her… am I the only person in this world that has seen non-celebrities carry kids that are like 5 or 6 sometimes. IT’S NOT THAT WEIRD. It’s not going to ruin a kids life and turn them into brats, why does it matter if a parents wants to carry their baby who’s just getting a little bit older? I can tell you the kids I babysit sometimes is 4- he is NOT a brat, but I or his parents will carry him whenever they are out sometimes.

  14. anonymous

    For me this article just reiterates what many others have said in the past about Suri wearing the pants in the family and always getting what she wants. Katie and Suri got into a spat because it was cold out and Suri didn’t want to put her coat on. Katie just caved. Grow a backbone woman! That is a 5 year old child and she is obviously the one who rules the roost. Katie says that Suri picks out her own clothes? Could that be why she went all winter long in sleeveless sundresses, coatless, with bare legs?

    • Lena

      That’s what I thought. I had the “I don’t want to wear a coat”-fight with my son, too. So it was either wearing the coat or not going outside. This went pretty well and I felt it was important for him to learn, that he can’t always get what he wants.
      If you know better sometimes you just have to tell your kids no.

  15. Anonymous

    What’s the big deal with the jacket? It’s not going to kill her–if she doesn’t want it, she shouldn’t -have- to wear it. My mother did the same thing. If we said we were too hot or just didn’t feel up to wearing a coat or long sleeves it was no big deal. Believe it or not, the world didn’t come crashing down, there was no illness to speak of, and my brother and sister and I were constantly complimented on our gracious, respectful behavior – gasp! Most of the time we were happy the way we were, but sometimes we learned our lesson and were sure to dress warmly the next day all on own. Funny thing is, we’ve all seen those kids who get to school and strip off warm clothes to reveal shorts and tees underneath just to pull a fast one on their overbearing parents. Those kids felt the need to rebel over something as stupid as clothing, while kids like myself whose parents gave them that small freedom of choosing how to dress actually got a chance to develop a little wisdom of their own. Working with children now, it is still my experience that forcing the jacket is more likely to create the brat, but at the end of the day, it’s just not that significant either way.

    This child is well off. She’s never going to harm you or take anything from you, and the fact that her older half siblings are nowhere near anything like Paris Hilton prove that maybe the Cruise household is actually doing a little something right. I don’t like Scientology, but I think the way this family, especially their little girl, is attacked proves that after centuries we still haven’t progressed beyond witch-hunting behavior whenever there’s something we don’t like or understand. When are we going to grow up?

    • anonymous

      Its not about the jacket, its about the parent being in charge. Katie obviously never takes a stand and just lets a 5 year old decide what is right.

      • Anonymous

        Its about the parent being in charge? You are not going to raise very responsible and independent thinking adults if you go with that mantra. I know because I was raised under the “Dictator” household. When I went to college I was left to the lions helplessly trying to figure out how to make my way through the day without my mother telling me what to do. I didn’t have a thought of my own since my “parents” did all the thinking for me. Your job as a parent is to teach your children to think critically, learn the social rules of the world including manners, and protect their safety all while guiding them to adulthood. The most successful adults I’ve met never lived in households where the parents ruled over ALL choices.

  16. Anonymous

    In my opinion, I think it is a great way for Katie to raise her kid. SHe allows the kid to experience herself the cold, and the importance of wearing a coat. Kids don’t forget lessons like that and they get wiser and more street smart. If you fight with the kid to make her wear her coat, you and her are going to have a god awful rest of the day. Your kid is pissed, you are pissed. If you allow your kid to experience the cold, within 5mins, she’s gonna ask for her coat volunturally and everyone learns a little from the experience.

    I’m no TomKat fan, but I applaud Katie’s approach to parenting instead of the overbearing “I know everything you have to listen to me” kind of parenting.

  17. Anonymous

    I was the over bearing mom and now that my daughter is 18, I wish I hadn’t been. Kids need to learn that their decisions produce consequenses. If katie doesn’t have the compulsive need to control every little detail then Suri will most likely not feel the need to rebel. Hopefully they will a close trusting relationship. That’s more important than fighting over a coat.

  18. Anonymous

    As far as the paps are concerned, the kid will probably have to deal with them the rest of her life, so why perpetuate the fear? Let her get down and be a big girl and become more self-reliant. I’m sure Suri is MORE than a handful and Katie just gives in and has to pick her battles… but that doesn’t make it OK. SHE’S THE BOSS, not a 5 year old.

  19. Anonymous

    there is no generic way to raise a child. different things work for different kids, and personally i would/will hold my child for as long as they let me. time is fleeting i don’t think picking up your kid is something you will look back on and regret!

  20. Jenn G

    Lots of other celebrities have kids her age & they walk by themselves.They treat this kid like an infant,on another site there are pics from fathers day & Suri is wrapped in that stupid blanket(no wonder she doesn’t need a jacket they use that instead)& the baby bottle is clearly visible in the pics,Tommy girl is holding her like a newborn ,gimme a break!How is this kid going to be a dancer when she can’t even walk!I would hate to be working on a movie with this kid I can only imagine how bad the diva behavior would be!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, well said. I couldn’t agree more. In some instances, pictures do tell a story and I have seen many of the same pics you are talking about. Nobody wants to see a child being made into a demanding brat. Everyone thinks it’s cute if it their child, but the rest of the world thinks it’s obnoxious. Spineless parenting is not the answer… letting a child decide what’s best for herself at age 5? These people who believe that must really be mentally challenged.

  21. Anonymous

    I am a single parent of a four year old. He is the most precious thing to me, as all kids are to their parents. I strongly agree that if a parent wants to hold their child, then they should; especially like the comment mentioned before, a child is only little once and you can hold them for so long before they are to big to carry. My son and I walk to the bus every morning to go to school and work. At first it was hard, because he wanted me to “Carry” him all the time, but I had to put my foot down with him. All because of the fact was that he is “Growing Up” and is becoming a “Big Boy.” My son understands this and tries to throw his temper tantrums every once in a while walking to the bus stop, but he also knows that he will not get his way.

    It just all boils down to balance. I think Katie is doing an awesome job as a mother. No one know their own child better than that child’s parents. I even had to tell this to a doctor one time when my son was admitted into the hospital for asthma and RSV. They wanted him to go home a day early. I told them no. I am glad I did, because of the fact that he was still wheezing.

    My point being, everybody can offer all the best advice in the world to being a parent, but each child and each parent is difference. Just like no two pregnancies are alike. No two kids are alike… The only difference between the Cruises raising a child and The Average American Family raising a child is the fact they are always in the spotlight about it. (All Money Aside and Celebrity Status Aside!!) No wonder Michael Jackson tried keeping his kids out of public eye as much as possible. I don’t blame him. Now that paps are after his kids, epically Paris Jackson. Running two stoplights just for a photo of his 13 year year. Leave her alone and let her grow up and finish school. Let Suri be a kid. And let the parents be parents.

  22. Anonymous

    Fact is its not Katie parenting style it scientology parenting style kids are adults in little body’s and are never told no, so Suri will walk, get off the bottle and wear weather appropriate clothes so on all when SHE says so and not before so if that means in 5 years she still on the bottle than in the see’s of scientology so be it.

    Anonymous 8:29pm@ Letting your kids know who the boss is not being overbearing and Suri has been dress inappropriately for the weather for the last 2 to 3 years so what is she really learning because she still hasn’t learned her lesson. All she is learning is that when she doesn’t feel like doing something she doesn’t have to do it or listen to mom and dad.

  23. Kathy

    If Tom and Katie have resorted to hiring someone from Scientology to ‘teach Suri manners and how to behave’, something is amiss here. I was raised to believe that it was the parents job to teach their children these things. While I am not against letting children have some say in what they wear and what they eat, the deciding factor should certainly rest with the parent and not the child. From what I’ve read, Suri is rarely told ‘no’. That in itself is a recipe for disaster. I’m sure many of us will be keeping tabs on this Tot, anticipating what kind of an adult she turns out to be…

  24. Kathy

    If Tom and Katie have resorted to hiring someone from Scientology to ‘teach Suri manners and how to behave’, something is amiss here. I was raised to believe that it was the parents job to teach their children these things. While I am not against letting children have some say in what they wear and what they eat, the deciding factor should certainly rest with the parent and not the child. From what I’ve read, Suri is rarely told ‘no’. That in itself is a recipe for disaster. I’m sure many of us will be keeping tabs on this Tot, anticipating what kind of an adult she turns out to be…

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