Police Called In After Paps Chase Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is hoping to follow in her father’s footsteps with a career in the entertainment industry, but we’re sure this isn’t what the 13-year-old had in mind.

TMZ reports that law enforcement had to be called on Tuesday (July 12) when two members of the paparazzi were seen driving recklessly through two red lights attempting to snap a picture of Michael Jackson‘s daughter, who was riding in another vehicle.

Though they were handcuffed, police officers did not arrest the photogs, since they didn’t witness the incident themselves. No citations were issued either.

It was first reported that a crime report would be written and forwarded to the Los Angeles City Attorney for possible prosecution, but sources later revealed that because they lacked sufficient evidence against the paps, the police department decided not to refer the case.

Paris Jackson, however, is still able to proceed with legal action via a civil suit.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    These two scumbags are Sandro Rodriguez and Filipe Teixeira. They break the law every day, harassing and threatening celebrities and other photographers. Teixeira has been arrested three times in the past six months. When will the LAPD, LASD and the District Attorney get their act together and start enforcing the law. When these x17online.com scumbags kill someone wont it be too late?

    • Rodney

      Creepy Mike Kamara wrote this, he works for GSI and claims to have clean undies when he twitters to celebrities

  • Ondine

    What a shame the Jackson family doesn’t value education for their children.

    • Anonymous

      Where, in all of this do you get that the Jackson’s don’t value education for their children? Michael Jackson was very well educated via a life-long interest for learning and a voracious appetite for reading. It’s been reported that he had over 10,000 books in his library and had personally read nearly all of them. His children had the best tutors from when they were barely able to walk and Michael himself taught them through travel and example. I would bet all that I have that they are far better educated than this commentor and certainly the commentor’s children. Don’t be so judgmental.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with you on that, people have no damn life, they always trying to put someone down. They are so stupid!!!!!! Get A Life, Stupid……

  • Tazina

    What a pair of low lifes. Paris Jackson isn’t even a celebrity. She hasn’t made a movie, isn’t a famous singer….but these idiots chase the children of celebrities anyway. I understand they were let go….I guess they won’t be locked up until they kill someone.

  • Anonymous

    They should have been arrested, locked up and beaten daily for the next 30 days. Time to put an end to these paparazzi jerkoffs and their disregard for the safety and the disrespect of all those around them.

    • Anonymous

      Beaten?! I obviously don’t know much about them but I’m confused how they deserve to be physically punished?

  • Anonymous

    Ondine – what a ridiculous comment. If you knew the facts, you’d know by now that his kids go to a private school and are no longer home schooled. But either way, they are probably getting a better education than you ever had.

  • Danielle

    These are the same two X17 Brazilian photographers who tormented Britney Spears for years. They sit at the Low P gas station in Calabasas and wait for the Jackson kids to go by and they chase them, since Britney has managed to evade them by moving to Hidden Hills where there are three exits.

  • Anonymous

    They should be charged with “Contributing to the endangerment of a child” What would have happened if the vehicle Paris was in had crashed like Princess Diana?

    As for the education comment. What planet do you live on NOT to know that Michael Jackson children are very well educated and also speak several languages?

  • Irish Girl

    The paps in Los Angeles are out of control. Michael would not want his children photographed at all. That’s why he kept them out of the limelight all their lives by covering their faces. I wish his family would protect them the way he did. It is not right that since they died they are always photographed and those pictures are put on blogs and in magazines. It is disrespectul to what Michael wanted for them – a normal childhood.

  • Fireman Bob

    If you want to see these x17 criminals, Sandro drives a silver Toyota Rav, Filipe drives a black Toyota 4-runner (plate ends 852) and a black Audi SUV (ends 050), and their bald partner drives a grey Toyota Corrolla (plate ends 540) and they sit at the Low P gas station on Calabasas Road.

  • Anonymous

    The paparazzi are getting way out of control. They really need to make A LOT stricter paparazzi laws.

  • SMH

    altough I enjoy comin to these sites sometimes it does make me feel guilty that the reason paparazzi go crazy is to get a shot to share on a blog or in a magazine that we then in return buy or visit.
    Not all paparazzi are greedy or out of conrol though. I’m actually reading one of Tori Spellings books (yeah yeah lol) and she talks about how some paparazzi are really respectful and become like “friends” while others just scream at you or get in your face or follow you relentlessly throughout the day. There is no need for paparazzi to go after children esp. when they’re not the celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with those methods, nor do I like paparazzi chasing kids or their parents in certain places like schools, church, and so on, but some people are outraged simply because they are Michael’s kids. This sort of thing happens all the time to a lot of the kids and the parents that are posted on here on a daily basis. It’s kind of hypocritical to only defend one set of kids just because they are the kids of your idol.

  • Tazina

    Well, this is the situation we currently know about. We’re not being hypocritical. I would feel the same way about any celebrity child being harassed by the pap rats.

  • Ashley

    It’s such a shame the way these kids are being treated. They are not celebrities. They are famous because of who their dad is, yes, but they are children! Michael kept their faces hidden because of things like this. This is exactly what he didn’t want to happen. The kids understood what the masks were all about, and they are more level-headed about explaining it than most adults are talking about it. It’s a situation most people don’t ever have to deal with, getting their pictures taken and printed in magazines all the time. Michael had every right to protect those kids, and now, the kids are being stalked by the paparazzi. It’s disgusting.

    They are innocent children who don’t deserve to have their lives speculated over and have their pictures taken. Their one famous parent is gone, and in my opinion, the paparazzi needs to leave them alone so they can try and have some privacy.

    I’m glad nobody was hurt. Poor Paris. She must have been so scared. I wish Michael was here. He knew what he was doing…that man was not stupid. He knew how to protect his children.

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