Selma Blair & Jason Bleick On A West Hollywood Walk

Still-pregnant Selma Blair and boyfriend Jason Bleick soaked up the beautiful Southern California weather by taking a leisurely walk in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (July 13).

The Hellboy actress, who is reportedly a week overdue, looked radiant in a white maxi dress and seemed in good spirits as she smiled and waved for the camera.

Selma has said that one of the best parts of being pregnant is getting to eat whatever she wants. “I have a lot of pancake cravings, a lot of grapefruit [cravings],” she said. “I eat pancakes all day long. I don’t eat gluten, so I eat gluten-free pancakes. It’s a little better, but not much!”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • klutzy_girl

    She’s still pregnant? Hope she has the baby soon!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A week overdue or just past her ESTIMATED due date? There is a big difference as I am learning as I am currently 40 weeks, 6 days and waiting for my second … any day now.

    I wish there were more literature indicating that human gestation does not stop at 40 weeks. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I read that 80% of first time mommies go at least 5 days past their estimated due date. The baby will come when it is ready. The press is acting like she’s a month overdue with a 37 pound baby in there. She looks fantastic and healthy. Seems pretty normal to me. I wish they did polls on this site for us to guess sex of baby and weight/due dates, especially since there are SO many celeb babies this year.

  • DoulaKim

    The World Health Organization states that full term pregnancy is anywhere from 37 wks to 42 wks.
    Plus when you consider that the 40 wk gestation period was designed in the 1800’s when women were less healthy and less access to safe prenatal care, the number you are given as your “Due Date” is ridiculous. It doesn’t take into account women’s differing menstral cycles, their differing ages and health conditions.

    So the fact that she is “still” pregnant, is no big deal. The baby will come, when the baby is ready to come.

    I wish her luck and hope that she can hold the medical system off from inducing her.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt that they will convince her to induce. She seems pretty firm about having a natural homebirth and I applaud her for it! I think inducing is much more risky than waiting a few extra days for the baby to decide when it is ready to be born. She looks great and seems very fit and healthy. I will miss her chic baby bump, but I can’t wait to see how they dress the baby considering daddy is a fashion designer and mommy is a fashion icon! <3

  • Anonymous

    actually, she is not wearing a maxi dress, this is a skirt from H&M’s conscious collection.

  • ZaraB

    Great to see so many educated comments here!! It’s one of my pet peeves to hear someone say ‘I’m one day overdue’ when they get to 40 weeks + 1 day. No – you’re not ‘overdue’ until you are past 42 weeks, and even then, you can only have a fair indication of your estimated due date if you know your cycles very well and know exactly when you conceived (and even then, you can’t know exactly when the egg and sperm met!). Most women I know who have been induced for being ‘overdue’ end up with a cascade of interventions that usually ends in an emergency c-section. If all’s going well, the baby’s healthy and the placenta’s still functioning properly, most babies are best left to time their own arrival. I’m sure Selma is being closely monitored by her care providers, and the baby will come when he/she is ready. Having said that, I will be very excited to hear news of her baby’s arrival! 🙂

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