Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Name Son Bingham

Actress Kate Hudson and and fiancé, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, welcomed a son on Saturday night and were reportedly struggling to find a baby name. Proud papa Matt took to Twitter on Thursday to reveal their son’s name:

So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy. Born 7Ib 12Oz, on 9th July.”

“Mum and baby are strong and healthy” he went on to tweet. “Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing!”

Bing is the first child for Matt, while Kate is already mom to son Ryder Russell, 7½, with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Thanks to CBS reader klutzy_girl!

Do you like the name Bing?

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  1. klutzy_girl

    I was really rooting for Kurt.

    And all Bing makes me think of is Chandler…

  2. J.D.

    Bingham Bellamy? Jeez, what a name lol. Not really feeling it but not my kid so whatever.

  3. Courtney

    like the name it’s unique but not too out there. congrats to them on the healthy arrival of their baby boy

  4. Anonymous

    LOL. The most funniest thing I have ever heard.

  5. SMH

    Bingham, really?

    Bingham Bellamy is now in the running for worst tongue twister name along with Deisel Dean Daigle! 🙂

  6. Tell

    Bingham is Matt’s mother’s maiden name & Hawn is Kate’s mother’s last name – as much as I dislike the combination, it’s nice that there’s some meaning behind it

  7. Julita

    uh it sounds weird! especially combined with the surname Bellamy

  8. Jody

    I didnt see that one coming. But I like it. Im glad they are so happy with their new addition. Congrats.

  9. Anonymous

    …ok? lol its their child, but i was expecting a more “normal” name :O but hawn is nice to honor goldie 🙂

  10. skylar

    Bingham is a stupid name.

  11. Anonymous

    Baby Bigham Bellamy-Bummer! LOL!

  12. Anonymous

    Wow, what a horrid name.

  13. Gisele

    Hawn Bingham Bellamy would have been almost a little better IMHO could’ve still called him Bing…but Bingham it is!

  14. Anonymous

    all I can think of are bing cherries LOL

  15. Anonymous

    all I can think of are bing cherries LOL

  16. Anonymous

    That’s gotta be one of the worst names I’ve ever heard, but not as bad as his bandmate Chris Wolstenholme’s son Buster lol.

    • Anonymous

      you are someone who only likes the “common” names!! “Buster” is a fantastic name!! I named my son:”Zeke” and I got heat something terrible, I still am glad I named him what I did!! Got heat for my first son as well, born in ’60, named him:”Adam”, same old thing UNTIL 10yrs. later for:”Adam” to become so common I wished I’d have named him:”Buster”!!

      • ivy2

        some people are too scared to give their kids uncommon names. either that or they’re too lazy to think of a good name.

        • SMH

          I’m actually a HUGE fan of different unique names but within reason. Names like Moxie, Apple, Banjo, Pilot, Peanut, Bronx are just really sad. These are not parents who put thought into their kids names these are parents who just said aww frigg it I like the ring of it. I can almost guarentee that 95% of these horrible celeb baby names have no true meaning. This one atleast does even though I think it sounds horrible together with the last name. It’s not the most outrageous name to date.

          I think some of these names should strictly be nicknames and not on a birth certificate. If you like Bears and the color Blue well give those nicknames to your kids but also allow them a normal name to fill out on their SAT’s someday. Can you imagine a pro football player with his actual first name as “Peanut” ??

          I think I will be more shocked if a high profile celeb decides to name their child something as simple as David, Michael, Sarah or Mary then I would be now with these hollywood names. It starts to become a game of who gives birth and oh lord what are they going to name them!!

  17. Anonymous

    It makes me think of Bringham Young…I know its not the same name but thats what it makes me think of.

  18. skylar

    What up with the stupid celebrity baby names lately Bear Blu Hero Moroccan now Bingham.

  19. skylar

    well Duh people going to give you “heat” about the name zeke .its a stupid name.

  20. Ava

    I really like that his middle name is Hawn, that is really cute and it goes with the fact that Ryder’s middle name is Russell for Kurt, very cute — the rest isn’t really my taste but to each their own.

  21. Anonymous

    Badda Bing! I think they should call him Ham.

  22. dee

    bingham is better than mingus….

  23. Anonymous

    Mingus may not be your taste but it’s probably a nice Danish name. I think people need to be a tad more openminded about foreign names…at least they’re better than ones that are not meant to be names at all (bear, moroccan, apple, inspector whatever).

  24. Tazina

    Bing goes not too badly with “Bellamy” but “Bingham” is horrible. It is like one of those tongue twisters….”She sells sea shells down by the seashore.”

  25. Tazina

    Bing goes not too badly with “Bellamy” but “Bingham” is horrible. It is like one of those tongue twisters….”She sells sea shells down by the seashore.”

  26. Anonymous

    Not a cute name at all IMO….

  27. lila

    Why didn’t they give him a second name. Like “Bongham”. Bingham Bongham; or Bing Bong. That would have been great :-/

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