Selma Blair: Any Day Now!

Still awaiting the big day, mom-to-be Selma Blair and her designer beau Jason Bleick spent the weekend doing a bit of shopping for their baby on the way. The pair were spotted visiting the Plastica baby boutique in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 16).

The very stylish star has been loving her maxi dresses throughout her pregnancy – yesterday she was wearing a pretty pink printed one.

Selma, 39, recently revealed that her pregnancy has been wonderful, saying, “I am [happy]. It’s been totally easy… I feel very fortunate.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she’s having contractions on that last pic. Any day indeed!!!

  • klutzy_girl

    Poor Selma! And it does look like she might be having a contraction in the last picture.

  • Rebecca

    Aww poor Selma…it definitely looks like she’s having a contraction in the last pic. Love that she’s leaning on her husband and he’s supporting her. Wonder if she’ll have the baby today, or if she had it yesterday after that pic was taken. It seems like she’s been pregnant forever!

  • lara

    gosh, i will definitely not be surprised if that are twins

  • Andrea

    Shesh! She’s huge!

  • Anonymous

    She is such a petite girl to begin with. I read 5’3″ and barely a 100lbs pre-baby. Her limbs, chest and face have remained slender despite being 10 days past her estimated due date. (only 10 days over – according to CBS due date of July 7th on bump watch sidebar) I think she has a lovely and healthy size baby bump, but knowing how tiny framed she is I think baby is actually average size and bump looks deceiving in photos. Her BF isn’t much taller. I doubt she has twins packed in there but that would be very cool! I wonder if she had baby last night? It does look as if she’s in pain in last photo!

  • Gina O’Mara

    I was going to say the same thing…the way her lips look in one she’s breathing hard through a contraction..and the one leaning on him… I’ve thought twins for a long time…

  • Anonymous

    10 days past your due date with TWINS? Uh… I’m sure that happens often. She doesn’t look “huge” she looks normal for a 5″3 woman with a 10 day overdue baby about to be born. I’m 5″2 and had a 9 lb baby at 40 weeks+2 days , I was huge too

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