Tobey Maguire & Family: Saturday in The Park

Adorable! Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer took their two-year-old son Otis to the park in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (July 16).

Looks like Otis swiped a skirt from his sister Ruby, 4, before he left for his outing.

Next up for the Spider-Man actor: he will be starring in the new fall/winter campaign for Italian fashion house Prada. “A great supporter of the Arts, Miuccia Prada has inspired a culture of creativity that is woven through every aspect of her company, from her collections, her campaigns, to every design detail in her stores,” Tobey said in a statement. “I have such admiration for her artistry and I’m thrilled to be a part of Prada’s fall campaign.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. skylar

    Here come why is a little boy wearing a pink skirt comments.Otis is so adorable.

    • Lioness

      Skylar, that was my first thought, too: wait till the sanctimommies get a load of this, lol… these pics are cute 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Though not always, I happen to agree with some of the “sanctimommy” comments. There is no question that Otis is an adorable little boy but I for one find it rather strange that he is wearing a pink skirt.

        I am not saying that it is wrong or right but just strange. If the Maguires found it amusing for him to wear the skirt perhaps because he kept stealing his sister’s clothes for whatever reason then okay.

        It is one thing to let him run around the house wearing it but it is another to bring him out in public with the prying eyes of papparazzi all around. It just seems one of those uncomfortable things that would catch up to him in the not so distant future as he gets older.

        • Lioness

          “It just seems one of those uncomfortable things that would catch up to him in the not so distant future as he gets older.”

          How?? He’s two. Has any picture of you when you were two come back to bite you in the ass and make your life difficult? Unless it’s a picture of him eating feces (and even that can be excused, given his age), I don’t see the harm.

          Don’t get me wrong- I believe you’re entitled to your opinion, and I agree that it is unusual to see a boy in a pink skirt… but simply because it’s an uncommon sight, not because I think it’s wrong. I take issue when people suggest that such behavior will be damaging to him in the future.

          • Anonymous

            He’s two. Has any picture of you when you were two come back to bite you in the ass and make your life difficult?

            @ Lioness: you can take issue with whatever you want. i don’t have to tell you that. however, i take issue with ppl who think they can read the minds of someone they clearly do not know after reading a random comment and then take the position they know the motivation behind someone’s comment.

            i also want to say that the difference here–which i am surprised went over your head–is the fact he is the son of someone famous and these photos are not the Maguires’ private photos these are PUBLIC.

            i am also taking into account the fact that these celebrity oriented blogs are popular and this one will no doubt still exist in a few years (and that photos are recirculated on other blogs).

            my use of the world “uncomfortable” may suggest to you that i feel something– as you put it–“damaging” would happen to Otis as a result.

            i was thinking more in terms of the photos becoming a source of embarrasment as let’s say a classmate who is not a friend of his takes it upon himself or herself to hang these photos all over the boys’ or girls’ restrooom just to irk him.

            that scenario may or may not be “damaging” depending on otis’ reaction. so in the end you can’t really say or suggest whether these photos would or would not cause him harm down the road either.

    • melo1983

      Lol you made the first one.

  2. Mel

    So cute….made me smile, he looks like he’s full of fun.

  3. Ellen

    Absolutely ADORABLE. That smile is to die for (and he looks great in the pink skirt too!).

  4. Sophia

    I’m glad the comments all say how Otis is so sweet in his pink skirt with his long hair. I think so too. Smash those gender stereotypes, Otis! 🙂

  5. Tanya

    aw cute! it’s so sweet the way toby is holding him in the last pic.

  6. Anonymous

    His SON looks like Violet Affleck – a GIRL.

  7. Nina Mike

    Just look at this true smile- hes so ohnest in his happyness. I think the most important thing in life is to be happy and ohnest, no matter what you are wearing. Cheers.

  8. SallyAnn

    If we r going go rip & roar over the fact that he is wearing a skirt, can we also talk about his beautiful girls and sweet smile that
    He “suffers” from. I wish society wouldn’t be so
    Damn determined to put labels on people. Kids already
    Come here as a shade of the adult they
    Will be and will be labeled into whatever semi-appropriate category they
    Will fall into. Until said time, let’s just make
    Sure the kids count on us to help them feel
    Loved, special, amazing, and beautiful. Let’s not
    Label a 2 or 5(shiloh) year old as a lesbian or gay or transgendered. To them in that stage they feel like they just r who they r and it’s normal. Let’s promote happy safe kids and not worry if they
    R or r not wearing a skirt. :))

  9. Gisele

    Oh come on! What’s the harm here? Love it!! This is what a happy, healthy child looks like. As parents’, IMHO, we shouldn’t mold our children into what we want them to be and what others will perceive as acceptable. It’s not all about what WE WANT them to be, it’s about nurturing who they ARE! Doesn’t mean he is gay, necessarily, it just means he is a two-year-old who wanted to put on a skirt. Embrace your children for who they are no matter what age and get over yourself and what other people think of you. Your children will be happier and thank you for it. Just sayin…

  10. Anonymous

    Alright, unbunch your panties, the only people who mentioned the skirt were the people mentioning how people were going to mention the skirt. …And me (person mentioning the people mentioning that people were going to mention the skirt.)

    Unless there are comments that were moderated and removed.

  11. Anonymous

    Gorgeous boy! Way to go Otis, Tobey and Jennifer for breaking those darn gender stereotypes! 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    My mistake, there is one anti-skirt comment. I guess I just subconsciously ignored it at first. 😀

    Personally, I think the categorizations of gender are SOOOO arbitrary. A skirt is just a piece of material. It’s so silly that we define this piece of material as “female.” What makes it different from, say, a kilt? What if a boy was wearing a PINK kilt? Oh it could go on and on and I don’t see a reason that there are (seemingly) concrete definitions of gender for things like clothes.

  13. rika

    yes otis is a cutie pie and he looks joyful as any child his age would given the circumstances but i have to agree with one of the other commenters. at this point he is gender neutral meaning he probably has no concept of gender roles and that a skirt is considered feminine attire.

    yes we would all like to think we are so open-minded and feel that we would not be surprised or secretly question seeing one of our friends show up to our house with her toddler boy wearing a skirt.

    The reality is in the majority of ppl’s minds clothing is very gender specific and while this may be an isolated incident for otis even something as innocent as this could spur negative comments, stares or stronger reactions from older children he could encounter at a public park.

    imo if tobey/jen are going to take him out in public dressed this way then the probability of negative reactions should be taken into consideration for otis’ sake especially if wearing the skirt becomes a happy habit.

  14. SMH

    ok I’ll be honest I wouldn’t let my son wear a skirt, dress like a girl, put on nail polish or wear ponytails. That’s just me and my own personal feeling. What others do with their kids is on them! I also wouldn’t be comfortable with my daughter wanting to be or dress like a “boy”. This has nothing to do with growing up to be gay bc I wouldn’t care one way or the other. But I think the world is a cruel place and it’s hard to let my kid possibly go out and be ridiculed by society. As a parent it would be my job to protect him from stares and comments. When my “son” is old enough to go out and buy his own clothes and feels he would want to wear a skirt then he can do as he wishes. Until then he’d just have to deal with a mommy who will dictate what it is he will wear and not wear!

    Otis nonetheless is adorable and it’s nice to see that parents to keep open minds even if some (like myself) are not as carefree!

  15. em

    I think that Otis is wearing a skirt just to be funny hah but he is a cute boy though (:

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