Colin Hanks Talks Family & Fatherhood

Talent certainly seems to runs in the family for actor Colin Hanks. The star of the new comedy Lucky recently opened up about his work, his very famous father Tom and the clan’s newest addition – his 5-month-old daughter Olivia.

On the best part of fatherhood: “Seeing her laugh. A baby’s existence for the first three months is a one-way street. One person is doing all the work and the other is crying, sleeping and pooping. So the first moment when you’re actually able to do something and they acknowledge your presence, that’s a big deal. A very big deal.”

On how being a dad has affected his work: “I like to look at scenarios and see how people interact with each other. That’s why I’m an actor because I try to recreate that. Since our daughter joined us the spectrum has widened. My job is to recreate moments between people and when you’re able to look at moments differently, you get deeper meaning in things.”

On Olivia’s very happy grandparents: “They cannot wait to just dote on this kid with every single fiber of their being. My wife and I are more than happy to give them our baby and say, ‘Here, watch her while we take a nap’ (laughs).”

On being Tom Hanks’ son in Hollywood: “Has it benefited me in certain ways? Of course. Has it been more difficult? In some ways, yeah. The majority of the time when people want to talk to me, they actually want to hear about someone else. It’s this thing I have no control over. I love my dad very much. I’m very proud of him but I’m just as much a fan as everybody else.”

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    He sounds down to earth and well adjusted. Good for him

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