Guess Who Revealed: Bryn Casey Hoppy!

It’s Bryn Casey Hoppy!

Reality TV starlet Bethenny Frankel and her adorable 1-year-old daughter were spotted in New York City on Friday (July 15). The mother-daughter duo matched in pink as they strolled around Greenwich Village.

The 40-year-old new mom recently graced the cover of Forbes magazine. She’s making headlines as one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. The former RHONY star has landed a spinoff show, book deals, workout videos and a Skinnygirl margarita brand making her worth an estimated $55 million.

She debuted at No. 42 on this year’s Celebrity 100 list, above vets such as Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt. “Seriously,” she says, “it wasn’t until two years ago that I made more than my assistant.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Brynn Casey Hoppy!

  • rmc

    Brynn Hoppy — Bethenny Frankel’s daughter

  • rmc

    Brynn Hoppy — Bethenny Frankel’s baby girl!

  • LOM

    Bryn – Bethenny Frankel’s daughter

  • Lily

    That would be Brynn Hoppy!! I love her!

  • skylar

    Brynn Casey hoppy.

  • Rachael

    Brynn is her daddy’s twin lol

  • Lynn

    Brynn Hoppy Bethany Frankel’s daughter.

  • Ava

    Bryn Hoppy – cutie! Rachael is right, she does look just like daddy

  • mama

    never heard of mum or baby

  • Coco

    Father Gary

  • Hannah.J

    I’m going to go with everyone else on this one and say Bethenny’s daughter Brynn.

  • Courtney

    Brynn Hoppy and at least this time she’s in her stroller and not bethenny’s Hermes Handbag. Bethenny is a famewhore who should’ve never had children

  • Anonymous

    Brynn Hoppy

  • Marilyn

    Why is Bethanny considered one rich lady? It makes it sound like it’s somebody like Melania Trump or Elin Woods. It does sort-of loook like Brynn but that one line throws me off. Isn’t she almost two anyway?

    • LaKesha

      She just sold her company for over a $100 milliion hence the line.

      • Marilyn

        What company?

        • Sophia

          Skinny Girl I guess

  • Jmae

    It’s Bryn Hoppy (one “n”). Bethenny is rich because she just sold her Skinny Girl Margaritas products to a major liquor company and made somewhere in the tens of millions. I don’t know why everyone is so hard on her. If you watch her show, it really shows you what she came from and how hard she worked to become the person she is today. She’s not a famewhore, she’s just smart and straightforward and goes for what she wants in life! I love Bethenny! I think she’s one of the more genuine reality stars today.

  • Sophia

    Bryn Hoppy. I’m not having a go but she’s kind of an…”unusual”-looking kid.

  • Jennie

    Bryn Casey Hoppy; Daughter of Bethenny Frankel.

  • Julianne

    Brynn Hoppy , obviously

  • sprink

    Looks like Bryn Hoppy to me…

  • Anonymous

    Unless there is a surprise answer here, like… this is some sort of Bryn Hoppy look-alike who also has a rich mom, this “Guess Who?” was way too easy!

  • May

    It’s Jason Hoppy and Betheny Frankel’s little girl, Bryn.

  • Anonymous

    Bryn Hoppy

  • Anonymous

    Uh Bryn isn’t nearly 2 she’s 14 months born May 8th 2010

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