Jenna Fischer: It’s A Boy!

Pregnant Jenna Fischer is appearing on The Tonight Show on Tuesday and was asked by host Jay Leno if her parents were thrilled over the upcoming birth of their first grandchild. “This is the second grandchild,” Jenna corrected, “but first grandson.”

Jay pointed out that The Office star had used the word ‘grandson,’ and that’s when Jenna confirmed that she and husband Lee Kirk are expecting a boy.

“This is the exclusive, Jay,” the mom-to-be said. “When I went to my movie premiere the other day a reporter asked me if I knew what I was having, and I said I do, but I’m not sharing that yet because I’m [going to] have Jay be the first to know.”

And Jenna must have been feeling generous because she gave Jay yet another scoop: the baby is due in the fall.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Yay! Congratulations to Jenna and Lee!

    All of my favorites are having boys – Jenna, Kate Hudson, and Alyssa Milano. I hope someone (besides Victoria Beckham) has a girl soon.

  • Anonymous

    Fall? She looks so big now that I thought she was due maybe late August/early September.

  • Rebecca

    I agree, klutzy_girl, it’s like year of the boys or something! 😛 I know it can only be 50% one or the other, and I’m not complaining or anything, it’s just something I noticed.

    And in the interview Jenna said the baby will be born in September, if you want to be even more specific. 😀

  • Piper1 Oscar2

    I’m so happy for her, bless her and the family for this happy event =)

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