Tori Spelling: “We Don’t Know If It’s A Boy Or Girl”

Tori Spelling was at the farmer’s market with Dean McDermott and their kids Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 17). It was a sunny day for the outing. The kids seemed like they were enjoying looking at the flowers.

Pregnant with her third child, Tori recently spoke to Hollyscoop about baby names.

She said, “We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but we have a couple of names picked out for each.”

On the breakup of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, she had a few words to say on that too.

She admitted, “I was really shocked. I was sad. I had a moment where I said ‘Gosh, can no one in Hollywood make it or is marriage just too hard?’”

Tori added, “Dean and I were talking about that today. We are like ‘Gosh, we feel blessed.’ We have a strong happy marriage and it makes me sad especially when there’s children involved. We just do what we know. Our family is number one. I think that as long as you put your family number one, then you can’t lose, you can’t go wrong. Everything else just falls into place.”

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  • rachel s

    that outfit and sooooo unflattering. If Tori has a stylist they need to fired immediately!

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter as long as Tori and Baby are healthy gender is a 50/50 shot each time. look for example at Lucy Dahl she has 2 daughters of course she herself is the youngest of 5 4 daughters Olivia who died nearly 3 years before she was born Tessa 1 son Theo & Ophelia older by 14 3/4 months

    • Anonymous

      Courtney, it doesn’t matter if you post your craziness anonymously. We still know it’s you.

      • Anonymous


        Hi, Courtney!!

  • Anonymous

    Horrible pants suit thing. She is big for being due in October Wow !! I do think she looks great with extra weight.

  • scooter

    Heinous jumper. blech.

  • arabella

    LOL anon I was about to say the same thing.anyways cant wait to hear the name and gender of Tori baby.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she dressed like a teenager and why does she have the hair doo of a 3yr old?

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