Maci Bookout: I Want A “Normal Life” For Bentley

Maci Bookout’s 2-year-old son Bentley has been raised in front of cameras on the hit MTV series Teen Mom. Now, Maci tells Life & Style that she’s planning his early retirement from reality TV in hopes of giving him a normal childhood.

I don’t want to steal his childhood,” Maci says. “I don’t know if being on TV in elementary school would be difficult for him. I want him to have a normal life.”

Although the $60,000 paycheck per season enables her to give Bentley a great life – and the tot gets a kick out of seeing himself on TV – Maci is putting her son first.

“I think there’ll come a time,” she worries, “when he’ll be like, ‘Mom, we’re not normal! Why does everyone want to take my picture? Why does everyone know my name, but I don’t know them?'”

Still, the TV series has been a “blessing” in her life. “Without the show, I would’ve had to have a full-time job and be in school full-time and rarely ever get to spend time with Bentley,” Maci says. “It’s been difficult, but it’s also been a big blessing.”

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  1. ZaraB

    I don’t know this show, but thought that was Maggie Rizer! Wow – they look similar!

  2. arabella

    Bentley life will never be normal again.He was on t.v since he was a newborn.

  3. SMH

    If she stops now he could very well have a normal life nobody is going to be following them forever. Reality stars get their time in the limelight and hten it dies off (for the most part). Its only the controversial reality stars that still get attention.

  4. Anonymous

    Well I think its a great idea. He deserves to be able to go out and not worry about whos watching him or taking his picture.

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