Nahla and Mason Love Native Shoes

Native Kids shoes are hot in Hollywood while keeping little feet cool this summer. Nahla wore her Jefferson shoes to preschool. Mason wore his Miller shoes while strolling through Malibu with his family.

Native slip-on shoes are animal free, waterproof, washable, and odor resistant. The perforations let little feet breathe. Nahla’s Jefferson shoes ($34.99) and Mason’s Miller shoes ($29.99) are available in seven bright colors. The slip-on style makes for easy on and off, and the shock absorbent material makes them comfortable and lightweight.

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  1. Sophia

    Kind of an unrelated question, well, not really, but I’ve always wondered; how is Nahla pronounced? For some reason I have it in my head that it’s Norla, but that can’t be right… I googled it and it said either NAH-la, NYE-la or NAY-la.

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