Angelina Jolie & The Twins: Movie Munchkins

Double the cuteness!

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie was photographed leaving a cinema after seeing Cars 2 in Richmond, London with her 3-year-old twins on Friday (July 22). The doting mommy carried Vivienne, who was pretty in pink, while holding Knox‘s hand.

The Jolie-Pitts love their funky shades! Just like mama, Knox protected his eyes with a cool pair of sunglasses. And how could we forget big sister Shiloh‘s green shutter shades at LAX earlier this week?!

The family is in the U.K. while papa Brad Pitt continues work on his new movie, World War Z.

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  • Felicity

    Knox is 2 cute with his sunglasses. LOVE HIS LONG HAIR!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Poor little Viv always looks so worried! Poor kids I wish they could live a PAP free life! LOL! Oh the price of fame! The insane amount of money their parents make has to come at some cost. They could walk away now and give their kids a private life. That’s not the choice they make. AND SO, IT continues…

    • Janna

      How about all the people in the background taking photos, too? I think that’s weird. I can’t imagine just standing around taking pictures of a random person (no matter how famous) especially when their with their kids.

      ( And yes, I look at the photos on this website, but seriously, if the pictures here just stopped, I’d just find a new hobby! )

  • Anonymouse

    Viv looks just like Brad and Knox is a mini Angie!

  • Calla

    They are adorable!

  • Justalark

    Does anyone else think of Reese Witherspoon when looking at sweet little girly-girl Vivienne???

  • Anonymous

    Knox is adorable! Viv looks like a little princess… so much for Angie dressing her “bio girls” in boys clothes 😛

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:21pm@ I hope you feel that same way about Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and all the other celebrity that are photograph almost daily bases.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t, actually feel the same way about Alba and Garner. The Jolie-Pitts do not put themselves out there- they are hounded. Garner and Alba specifically go to all the same places every day.. and neither of them are even in the same fame-spectrum as as Jolie or Pitt. I look foward to the random pictures of the Jolie-Pitt family when they come around. I pay no attention to the afore-mentioned has beens Alba or Garner nor do I care to see their spawn. Ditto for Hawn, Simpson, Holmes, and every other fame monger using their kids for bait!

  • Anonymous

    two nannies are trailing behind them….who said Angie can head out with her kids without nannies?!!

    • Anonymous

      Nobody did.

    • Anonymous

      Angelina never denied that she didn’t need the services of nannies. In fact, she mentioned them in several interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Cute all 6 kids were there saw the pics on another site. Gosh AJ and the older girls arrived in London from LA last night ‘ I’d still be in bed suffering from jet lag. I’m not a good traveler

  • Anonymous

    Poor kids Kids never go home. kids are still travelling over world and hotel

    • LaKesha

      The kids don’t know that they’re traveling. When we go on trips, my 2 year old just thinks we’re down the street from our house. A child’s sense of normalness is based off of what is normal for their parents. No need to worry about these kids, they’re far more fortunate than most of us.

  • Anonymous

    Home is where your family is

    • Anonymous

      Beautifully, beautifully said.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 1:43pm@ There is only one nanny with them and Angelina can head out with her kids without nannies just not with all six kids when she by herself, if Brad is with her the help is at home or if she just out with 2 of the kids the help is not their ether. When she took the girls to the toy store in LA there was no help but when they were in Malta and she took all 6 kids bowling and to the toy/ crafts store by herself she had help.

  • Anonymous

    Mommy can’t stop calling the Papz

    I think the twins look better when they get older

  • Emma

    Knox is a lovely and beautiful boy! He looks more like the twin brother of Shiloh at all, than Viv.
    Viv is a princess 🙂

  • arabella

    Vivienne and Knox are adorable. Anon so I guess you feel sorry for the other celebrities children who travel a lots Suri Kingsto Zuma.

  • Sarah34

    5:31 Anonymous

    Do you feel the same way about all of the celebs that are actually photograph daily.

  • Anonymous

    4:36, there are at least two nannies present and she is out with just two kids not even six. The nannies are always there, they aren’t seen quite as often due to the staged photo ops.

    • Anonymous

      All six kids are there, but only the twins are pictured. If you look on other sites there are pictures of all six kids getting in the van after the movie. Try getting your facts straight before flinging around comments about staged photo ops.

  • Sarah34

    5:31pm Anonymous

    Do you feel the same way about all the other celebs that are photograph on the daily or weekly?

  • Sophia

    The twins are so beautiful! It really sucks for this family that they’re so famous that they can’t leave the house without being recognised by practically every person, and having cameras flashing in their faces constantly. It must be awful!

  • Scooter

    she is looking good and healthy lately. happy to see that.

  • nicoleC

    Vivi looks pretty as a lady like
    but she rarely smile

  • Joel

    Viv and knox mini angei and shiloh mini brad

  • Suny

    Viv grown up to be most beautiful girl in world as her mom

  • Sweet ^_^

    Woow beautiful pic like ads. Beautiful family in world i love vivie and knox angei looks pretty

  • Domino

    Oh look how lovely, she’s so good and charitable she would never spend money in superfluous things like a Louis Vuitton bag.

    Oh wait…

    • Anonymous

      What does her handbag have to do with her charity work?

      She and Brad have donated an average of 6 to 8 MILLION dollars, each year, to different charities since 2006 (for example in 2006 it was $8 million, in 2009 it was $6.8 million). But gosh darn, if she just hadn’t bought/been gifted with that handbag, she could have given so much more! [/sarcasm]

  • Anonymous

    Knox looks way too cute with his pair of sunglasses. And little Miss Viv is so adorable in her beautiful floral dress. Hard to imagine that Angie had just returned from LA with the older girls and doesn´t look jet-lagged at all. My guess is that Angie and all the 6 kids were watching Cars 2. I don´t think that ANgie would take 3-year-olds to see Harry Potter. But who knows.

  • Anonymous

    I have my facts straight and there is no excuse or justification to why Angie needs multiple nannies to take the kids ages 3 and up to the movies!!!

    • Sophia

      Does it really bother you that much? And yes there is justification! She has six kids with her and is surrounded by a screaming, jostling crowd of fans. Surely in that situation you would feel more comfortable with a few extra adult hands on deck? I know I would.

  • Audrey

    Unless she had plans before or after the movie or Heaven forbid, likes the nanny’s company. Why not take the Nanny. I always took my mother. A good time was had by all.

  • Anonymous

    The point is she should be able to take all of those kids out without the NEED of nannies especially since she always travels with a security team! She should not be having/adopting kids if she can’t handle them herself.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Who is being hurt by it? What’s the downside? There is none. The kids are happy, Angelina’s happy, the nannies get to join in and feel part of the family, and everybody benefits.

      By the way, Angelina didn’t have/adopt these kids by herself. They have a father. So when you say “she should not be having/adopting kids if she can’t handle them herself” it applies to both parents. Or is it only Angelina you don’t like?

    • Anonymous

      And whether she needs them or not is irrelevant and is not your concern. She can choose to take care of her family however she wants as long as she can afford it.

    • Anonymous

      You are weird and don’t know anything about raising six YOUNG children.

      Two of them are three years old and still needs someone when they go to the lavatory while another one watch the other children. So yeah two nannies is perfect reasonable to handle six kids outside the home environment. Plus Nannies can be there as play companions. they need fun too.

      Last who the hell are you ? A nanny orgninasation strategic manager ?

  • Anonymous

    Knox and Shiloh look like Angelina and Viv looks like Brad

  • Anonymous

    Knox and Shiloh look like Angelina and Viv looks like Brad

  • Anonymous

    Angie is the one that is usually seen with nannies helping her. It’s an issue when she states and glorifies herself on how hands on she is when clearly she isn’t without the need of nannies. Those kids are being raised by nannies and that is a shame!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how everyone is so quick to judge. Some of these comments are saying ‘oh well if they leave their jobs now their kids will live a “normal” life’ or ‘why do they need all these nannies’. Why do they have all these nannies? because they can. That’s the simple answer, and obviously they have A LOT of kids. That may not seem normal to an average mom or family that makes and average salary, lives in an average home- but clearly their situation is not average. They live differently- and just because it seems like a different idea of raising a family does not mean those kids are not happy and growing up with two great parents. Having nannies does not mean they don’t care for the own kids and are horrible parents- it just means they help them out when they need it and are working. Is that a bad thing they can afford extra help? And about the traveling thing- yes maybe they are not just settled in one place- which has its benefits to have kids stay in one place and be accustomed to being there, but so does traveling. They get to see the world, different customs and people- they are getting so much worldly knowledge! That is something a so called “normal” kid in the suburbs that plays soccer and walks to school will never be able to say they had. I’m just saying their situation is very different then most peoples- and normal to you does not mean normal to them, but it doesn’t mean they are growing up any less happier or with loving parents.
    I’m a kid that has grown up traveling A LOT, and have lived in about 6 different countries. I always had those days when I just wished we could stay at one place forever and never move again- but my dad’s job didn’t allow that, and most of the time I loved it. I met and saw all these incredible people, places, and cultures , and most importantly my family was always together. Just like the Jolie- Pitts. That’s more then a lot of other families can say.

  • SoAnonymous

    Angelina and Brad almost never have a nanny with them when out with the kids – even Angelina alone rarely has a nanny with her. People should stop rewriting this woman’s life to suit their own negative agenda against her. The bodyguards are not there for child care and they do not sub for nannies.

    Having said that why is it objectionable if you do bring a nanny with you on an outing especially when you bring all 6 kids with you and to a theater – if some one has to go to the bathroom then someone can watch the other kids. As someone pointed out above sometimes nannies go along because they become part of the family and taking part in family outings is natural.

    The nitpicking on this woman never stops. Seems to be these kids are almost always very well behaved and happy even in the face of rude and aggressive paparazzi calling out their names.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bad thing when those kids will not be able to ever feel secure. There parents working non stop, nannies raising them instead and waking up in a new place/country every other morning. You do the math!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry but is Viv special?

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