Selma Blair Is All Smiles

Gorgeous, as always!

Actress Selma Blair certainly isn’t letting these last days of pregnancy slow her down. The expectant mom and her designer beau Jason Bleick were all smiles today as they were spotted taking their pup for a stroll in West Hollywood, California (July 23).

Whether in blue jeans or something a little more glam, Selma has been such a fashionable mom-to-be over these past many months. We’ve loved seeing her fabulous maternity style!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • jenny-pinggg

    Good Luck Selma if you have your baby !!!
    although i dont believe she’s past her due date since she didn’t disclose the date at all 😐

  • Anonymous

    I think she must have announced her pregnancy right after she found out, which is why the time period seems longer then most pregnant celebrities.

    Most seem to announce at the end of the first trimester.

  • Anonymous

    she is such a beautiful pregnant woman, I never thought of her as stunningly beautiful until these last few months.

  • Anonymous

    She announced her pregnancy January 15th 2011 – the same week as Victoria Beckham. She never announced her due date.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt she is as overdue as the media is making her- any normal person and medical doctor would not let her go *this* late for fear of the placenta breaking down/disintegrating- she is obviously due any day now and may be late, but I am sure she isn’t 3 wks late as most media is saying

  • PopAlready

    Is it just me or has she been pregnant for ev er??? She must have announced her pregnancy at THE very start. It just seems like she has been pregnant for an inhuman(e) amount of time. Everyone else has already popped!

  • Anonymous

    The media said victoria beckham was having a cesarean section on July 4th, (which was a lie) and then the next thing you know they’re saying Selma Blair’s due date was July 4th. It’s all about having a catchy or shocking headline, which leads to discussion and ultimately judging about someone none of us knows. She never confirmed her due date to the world. She shouldn’t have to.

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