Angelina Jolie & Kids Visit The Aquarium

The fun continues for the Jolie-Pitt gang in London!

In town while dad Brad Pitt films World War Z, Angelina Jolie has been keeping the kids busy. This morning she was spotted taking part of her very cute crew – Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne – on a trip to the London Aquarium (July 25).

We’ve been seeing a lot of the Oscar-winner and her children lately – over the weekend Angie took the kids out to run a few errands and also to a screening of the new Harry Potter movie.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    awww angie is a great mum always finding things to occupy the lil ones

  2. hopeso

    That’s so sweet they are going to the Aquarium, love seeing Angie and her children anytime. MY FAVE…

  3. Allie

    sorry to say this, but I think the twins and the ….less cute ones amongst Ange’s children….:(

  4. Anonymous

    Vivienne Jolie- Pitt looks just like Brad pit. LOL

  5. Anonymous

    knox looks like shiloh viv looks like brad,the twins are cuties

  6. Anonymous

    What a gorgeous family! It´s wonderful to see how Angelina finds time to visit interesting places with the kids. It´s amazing to see how much Shi and Knox look alike. They could be twins. Vivienne looks exactly like her dad in many of these pics. She is a cutie. Love the fact how tenderly Zahara is holding Viv´s hand and being all big-sisterly to her. And also love how tender Shi is toward her little brother. Knox must have be one lucky little fellow being surrounded by these four ladies.

  7. nicoleC

    Vivi is so pretty,but always seem so nervous

  8. Anonymous

    Those woman brought four bodyguards, PA and one nanny with her to take four little kids aquarium….Ridiculous!!

  9. SiervaMaria

    I just adore Miss Z! She’s got her trousers in her boots (motorcycle boots TAH boot!) like her mom. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Shiloh touchy feely with her little bro -n- sis, Zee I’ve seen holding their hands.

    SOOOOO Cute!

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