Brooke Shields & Family ‘Smurf’ The Blue Carpet

What a cute bunch!

Actress Brooke Shields looked beautiful, as always, as she posed for pictures on the blue carpet at the New York City premiere of Smurfs with her husband, Chris Henchy, and their lovely girls – Rowan, 7, and Grier, 5.

Though they’re certainly enjoying some of the perks of their mother’s career, Shields recently talked about her early start in the entertainment business and her feelings about her daughters following in her footsteps.

“I would never start them as young as I did,” said Brooke. “For a start, my life isn’t conducive to that. Selfishly, I wouldn’t give up on my career to work on theirs. But if, when they have finished their education and they want to do it, I will do whatever I can to help them.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Not a huge deal, but Brooke’s younger daughter is 5 – not 4. Her b-day is the same day as Suri Cruise’s. I only remember this because I had my baby six days later and was following their pregnancies back in 2006.

  2. Anonymous

    Grier is 5 not 4 she and suri cruise were born the same day

  3. Jenny Schafer

    Thanks – just updated the post.

  4. anon

    the little girls are wearing makeup 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    These girls are gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous

    That’s kind of a lot of makeup on the youngest girl.

    What’s going on with Brooke’s feet? They look so swollen.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the feet are really important. Some people have bigger, some people have smaller, some people have wider, some people have narrow…..maybe the shoes were too narrow…. Who cares about the feet for God’s sake. Are you spending your life picking up on people body parts? Get a life!

  7. Sophia

    Rowan and Grier have grown up so much! And they are both gorgeous- especially Grier, she looks like an angel!

  8. Anonymous

    those kids are dressed like mini adults

  9. Anonymous

    those kids are dressed like mini adults

  10. Anonymous

    too much make up.those kids look like mini adults

  11. SMH

    I think special occasions a little makeup is okay. I haven’t seen these girls in awhile they grew up quick. Very cute.

  12. Anna

    Beautiful girls. They look older though. People are always complaining about Suri’s heels but this girl is the same age as her and looks a lot older.

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