Jessica Alba: I’m Due “Very, Very Soon”

Jessica Alba is getting ready for baby No. 2! The expectant mama appeared on The Tonight Show on Monday and revealed that she’s due “very, very soon.”

Already mom to 3-year-old daughter Honor with husband Cash Warren, Jess goes on to talk about her girlie girl.

She loves to wear dress-up. I had to explain to her that only certain types of girls are allowed to wear plastic heels outdoors. She’s allowed to only wear her princess plastic heels indoors.”

The Valentine’s Day star also tells Jay about her parenting style. “I’m definitely the disciplinarian,” she says. “I don’t believe in spankings, but when I was a kid I used to get hot sauce in my mouth when I had a smart mouth”

The soon-to-be mom-of-two isn’t afraid to use timeouts with her pretty preschooler.

Honor gets timeouts,” she says, adding that she uses threats sometimes. “I say, ‘You’re going to get a timeout out in the bathroom…with the lights off!’ Time out in the bathroom isn’t bad enough… it makes it seem that much worse [with the lights off]. We have a nice little chair that’s her size.”

And apparently, Honor says the darndest things: “My girlfriend asked her, ‘Are you excited about being a big sister?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, because I’m going to be a grownup, I’m going to drink vino and drive!’ So that’s what she thinks,” Jessica laughs. “We’re great examples as parents!”

When Jay asked about the baby’s gender, Jessica says she knows and didn’t deny it when he guessed another girl!

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Isn’t the baby apparently another little girl named Eva? That would be sweet 🙂


i dont find jessica alba likeable in any way shape or form.


uh, according to she is due mid-September, a week before me, so I wouldn’t say it is “very very soon” as in hinting it’s any day or something…weird.


SusieQ I could say the same about you…. What does it say about someone who detests someone they’ve a) never met and b) has never been in a lick of trouble. Jessica did things the right way. You know, got married, had kids and is trying to raise a family. Shes also not working nearly as much so she can be there for her daughter and soon to be second child. What exactly is your issue?