Neil Patrick Harris Kept Pregnancy A Secret On Smurfs Set

With his new family-friendly flick Smurfs about to hit the big screen and a happy life at home with his partner David Burtka and their 9-month-old twins Gideon and Harper, actor Neil Patrick Harris doesn’t have much to complain about these days. In a new interview with Parade magazine, the very funny dad shares a couple of well-kept secrets – like how he still manages to get a good night’s sleep!

On keeping a very big secret: “When we were filming the movie, [David and I] were about five or six months pregnant and we weren’t telling anybody. When the script came my way, we had just started that process, so it felt like good timing. It was certainly easy to film things like looking at an ultrasound photo and feeling what emotion that brings. It was a nice little secret moment.”

On getting some sleep as a new dad: “I sleep a fair amount. The babies sleep 12 hours a night, from like seven to seven. I don’t know how it happened. Well I do know — we had a sleep specialist for like four months and she’s unbelievable. So I get a decent amount of sleep!”

On his career: “I’ve been really proud of my career. I’ve been able to hurdle different kinds of demographics all over the place. I’ve got How I Met Your Mother, which is a mainstream comedy. I’ve got the Harold & Kumar franchise stuff, which makes me look really dark — uncomfortably so! I’ve got Smurfs, which is a family film. It’s important to stay as broad as you can be.”

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  • Anna

    I think it’s ridiculous that he says that they were pregnant. Only women can be pregnant. They could say expecting or something in those lines but pregnant is just impossible.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever. Of course everyone knows that THEY weren’t actually pregnant. It is a way of saying they’re expecting a baby. A woman was pregnant with their children. Why does it matter what word he uses to describe it?

    • Janna

      Anna, I agree with you. It also irks me when people write about the doctor who “delivered” their baby. Unless you had a c-section, I’m pretty sure that the MOTHER delivered the baby. For the most part, doctors just play catch AFTER the baby is delivered.

    • Anonymous2

      I agree with the other Anonymous poster – it is just a figure of speech. I take it you understood that he was referring to the fact that they were expecting babies, so who cares how he says it?

  • Jessie

    Yeah, that’s the tciket, sir or ma’am

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