Feeling Blue? Get Smurfed!

Kids today don’t know what it’s like to get up eagerly on a Saturday morning, bowl of
cereal in hand, to watch cartoons. But this summer, you could give them a taste of your childhood (and revisit your own!), because The Smurfs are back!

The full-length, live-action movie hits theaters on July 29, bringing back all of the
loveable blue characters of your youth, along with tons of Hollywood star power. For
starters, Katy Perry makes her film debut as the voice of Smurfette. The premise of
the film takes the Smurfs to present-day New York City to flee from the evil wizard,
Gargamel. You can just imagine how they disrupt the lives of Patrick and Grace Winslow (played by Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays) when they invade their city dweller couple lifestyle. Sofia Vergara also stars as Patrick’s boss.

You’ll be transported into the magical world of The Smurfs as soon as the credits roll, but be sure to listen for familiar voices like George Lopez as Grouchy Smurf, Jeff Foxworthy as Handy Smurf, and more.

Get the scoop on this family movie event at SmurfHappens.com.

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