‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sarah Drew Is Expecting Baby No. 1!

Congratulations to Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sarah Drew!

A rep for the actress confirms to People that she and husband Peter Lanfer are expecting their first child in January.

Drew, 30, isn’t the only cast member with a new addition on the way!

Just a few weeks ago, her co-star, Eric Dane, and his wife Rebecca Gayheart announced that they’re expecting their second child.

We wonder if the baby news will bring any changes for Drew’s character, Dr. April Kepner.

Congratulations again to Sarah and Peter!

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  • Louisa

    > We wonder if the baby news will bring any changes for Drew’s character, Dr. April Kepner.

    If so, they’re gonna be HUGE changes, since April’s still a virgin.
    My guess is, they’ll probably hide the whole pregnancy, like they did with Ellen Pompeo and Chyler Leigh. Integrating pregnancy into April’s storyline would be way too complicated and calls for very far-fetched solutions..

    But, GA’s storylines asides: many congratulations to Sarah Drew! Hope she’ll have a beautiful time.

    • maddy

      I’m pretty sure she slept with alex and then avery punched him? but now I’m not sure,

      • Louisa

        Avery punched Alex because Alex was a complete a*hole to April.
        (Wow, that’s a lot of A’s in one sentence…).
        Al & Ap were about to sleep together, and Ap. suggested they’d take things just a little bit slower (instead of just ripping off each other’s clothes). To which Al. responds “I’m not going to hold your virgin hand and walk you through it. You’re not a child. I can’t take care of you.”. He storms out, she storms out, gets comforted by Avery, Avery later beats up Alex.
        Ergo: Still a virgin.

        And I really should stop watching so much television.

  • klutzy_girl

    Yay for Sarah! I’ve loved her since Everwood. I miss that show.

    LOL at another GA actress pregnant. Someone is knocked up every season on that show now! I bet they’ll hide this, just like they did with Chyler, Ellen, and JCap.

  • ryann

    ok maybe april will sleep will stark when she finds out he gave her a good review to dr. hunt.
    @Louisa, lol, i also watch way too much tv.

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