Melissa Joan Hart & Her Premiere Pack

Actress Melissa Joan Hart hit the blue carpet with her husband Mark Wilkerson and their adorable boys Mason, 5, and Brady, 3, at this weekend’s New York premiere of Smurfs (July 24).

The 35-year-old Melissa & Joey star recently revealed that she hopes to add another baby – or maybe even two or three! – to her family.

“My mom had seven children. There’s eight in my family in total… I just figure I’m like her and I’m going to want lots of kids and so I figure when I’m done having children then I’ll want to have more so I’d love to adopt. I would love to keep going and growing with my family.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Sophia

    That Mason is one of the cutest kids going round. Brady is very sweet too, but Mason? Way too adorable!

  2. Ondine

    How good to see a married couple wanting and appreciating children. And what wisdom she displays in accepting that yes she’ll probably wind up very much like her mother and wanting to grow as a person even as her family grows.

  3. Anonymous

    Ya, her boys are SO cute!

  4. Nelly

    Super inforamtive writing; keep it up.

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