Adam Levine: “I Want To Start Having Kids”

Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine is a busy man these days, thanks to his stint on The Voice, his chart-topping new tune ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and the re-release of his band’s 3rd album. But the 32-year-old singer reveals that he has his sights set on fatherhood… eventually.

“Where do I wanna be when I’m 42? I would (like) to be working less and… considering the idea of having a family and at that age I like the idea of having a two year old. I want to start having kids,” Adam says on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

He may be looking forward to starting a family, but it sounds as though marriage isn’t part of that plan.

“I don’t think you necessarily have to be married to have children,” muses Adam, who is currently dating model Anne Vyalisyna. “Marriage is a controversial thing, clearly. In a lot of ways it doesn’t work, and in a lot of ways it does.”

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  1. Jennifer

    I’ll have your babies!

  2. Anonymous

    He’s going to have some cute kids!

  3. maddy

    You call me when you wasnt to start 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Arent we jumping the gun with this article JUST A LITTLE.. if he wants a 2 year old when hes 42? That means baby makin time is in 8 years… And yea.. id have as many babies for him as hed like!

  5. Anonymous

    I would like to see him in the role of a father..but i dont think anne v is the right women for that..anyway its his life and his opinion that counts..:)

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