Denise Richards: “I’ve Always Wanted More Children”

Denise Richards seemed to have it all – breathtaking beauty, a lucrative career and two darling daughters. But The Real Girl Next Door author recently admitted that there was something missing.

I’ve always wanted more children and [I] had to make a decision: Do I wait to find the right partner or do it on my own?” Richards, 40, shared during a Tuesday appearance on The View. “So I just did it on my own.”

After a two-year-long process, the brown-haired beauty made her two daughters Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, big sisters when she adopted now 6-week-old Eloise Joni.

Despite not having a man around to lend a helping hand, Richards is grateful to be receiving support from her friends and family.

Fellow celeb mom Ali Landry, a friend of the Undercover Brother star, told E! Online that Denise “has plenty of support. She’s so lucky to have her family and her sister. She has a great support system of friends, and it’s just great.”

Denise formally introduced the newest addition to her family during a July 23 baby shower.

“I thought [Eloise] deserved [a party] and it was a wonderful way for my friends who hadn’t met her yet to meet her,” she explained. ”[The theme of the shower] was a take off of Eloise the movie, so it was lovely.”

Congratulations again to the mom-of-three on her gorgeous family!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    People still actually care about Denise Richards? S-A-D

  • Anonymous

    What kind of baby carrier is that? Can you guys post a link to it?

    • Amy

      I don’t have a link but it’s an Orbit baby carrier.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Are you serious? Who cares about the baby carrier – this is a story about Denise and her baby, it’s not meant to be an advertisement. Get a clue and don’t litter the site with useless spam-like comments.

  • carrie

    I guess its now considered ok to dissregard a childs human right to have the chance to bond with and have a father present in their life.. there are soooo many people I know that are resentful of this later in life..also SAD!

    • Anonymous

      yeah, i thought it used to be a rule that single people couldnt adopt? i guess if you money it doesnt matter.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, how “Convenient” that the release of her new book was at the same time as her new baby’s birth adoption…brilliant public relations!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just wonder how she’s going to go about explaining to this little girl why her sisters have a dad and she doesn’t. I get that she really wanted to have another baby, but that baby is going to grow into an adult that has to deal and come to terms with the situation she was born into. It doesn’t always turn out great.

  • Anonymous

    I wish every child born can experience the love of a parent. Every child is not fortunate to be born into the perfect situation. I guess she will have the same discussion with her child as Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone, Kate Jackson, Meg Ryan, Sheryl Crow etc. will have with their children. Just because there are 2 parent households doesnt mean its the best home, speaking as the child of divorced parents.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, all these people will have to explain how it was possible to buy these healthy infants. You know how rare it is for a stable couple to be able to adopt a healthy infant? Very rare! Yet these “celebrities” seem to be able to adopt at will. Money does talk, very sad indeed, b/c most of Hollywood types are the last people who should be raising children.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that single moms can do good to children, almost the same as a couple… maybe it’ll be something missing but I think that this woman will give lot of love to this baby girl, the love that her real parents will not give to her.. I know that a lot of couples are looking to adopt too, but there are so many babys waiting to be adopted, some of the babys never find a family so they stay waiting… Good for Denisse ´cause she’s helping one of that babys, and u people if u are really concerned about it go and adopt one instead of being complaining about someone that is really helping one 😛

  • Anonymous

    I believe any baby born into a less than normal situation that has the good
    fortune to be adopted by anyone who is truly commited to their well being
    and growth will be just as grateful and “whole” with a single parent as with
    two parents. Alot of children have two parents, alot have fathers in name only who live in the house but actually spend very little time in nurturing their own children. Having the two parent household does not mean having
    the best advantage always. I was adopted by two parents who wanted to
    raise children. I was a lucky one.

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