Jennifer Garner & Violet: Walkin’ In Westwood

Jennifer Garner was seen with Violet in Westwood, Calif. leaving the dentist’s office on Thursday (July 28). The sweetly dressed 5-year-old walked alongside her mom who looked engrossed on the phone. Was she talking about work?

After all, she is ready to showcase her latest work in the film Butter. It’s set to make its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Later in the day, the pair headed to Violet’s karate class!

Jen’s spending a lot of time with her kids and being spotted around town regularly. Just yesterday she was with Seraphina running errands in Santa Monica.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Nina D.

    Wow! When did Violet get so big?! 😀

  • Anon

    Where’s WALDO? OH, right there as usual!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s terrible! She is paying no attention to her daughter in a parking lot/street.

    • Anonymous

      Give the lady a break – she spends enough one on one time with her daughter to know that she will stay close to her and not wander off. In all the pap shots on this site anyway, it’s apparent that this has not been an issue in the past.

      I suspect she’s on the phone to Gwen & her lazy husband giving them tips on how to cope without an army of nannies.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pregnant!! probably 4 months, getting bigger and bigger.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you post a picture of yourself and let others judge you on all YOUR figure flaws?

    • Anonymous

      She looks exactly the same as she’s looked for the past (however long it’s been since Seraphina was born).

  • Anonymous

    In the picture where they both look down they are so much alike!

    And to Anonymous, maybe she was just on the phone for 2 minutes, it’s quite harsh judging her parenting skills based on one set of pictures…

  • Anonymous

    She shouldn’t be engrossed in a conversation on her cell if she can’t hold her daughter’s hand or watch her in a parking lot/street. It’s very irresponsible! Apparently she needs to borrow one of Gwen’s nannies or her own to help keep an eye on her daughter.

    • Anonymous

      LOL Anonymous – as if Gwen would part with one of her nannies!!

    • Janna

      Why can’t a 5-year old just walk next to their mother?

      • Anonymous

        Janna, more often than not, these comments come from people who don’t even have kids themselves. I can infer from some of your comments that you are a parent yourself – maybe you said so, I can’t remember.

  • Lissa

    Actually Garner’s nanny as well as Seraphina was present. I guess having a nanny there didn’t help much after all!

    • Anonymous

      Just curious Lissa, but how do you know that?

      • Anonymous

        the pictures were on another site.

  • Anonymous

    Lissa is a Jen fanatic, chases her all over the internets

    • Anonymous

      How is Lissa funatic? Garner’s pics are posted everywhere. Sounds like you are.

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