Aaron Johnson & Sam Taylor-Wood Expecting Baby No. 2

Actor Aaron Johnson and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood are expanding their family! People reports that the couple are expecting their second baby and will give their 1-year-old Wylda Rae a sibling.

Johnson, 21, and Taylor-Wood, 44, met on the set of her directorial debut Nowhere Boy. At the time, Johnson defended their relationship and said, “I’ve got a wonderful woman. I’m an old soul, and she’s a young soul.”

Taylor-Wood also has two daughters from a previous marriage.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    such a waste! he’s so fit and she gets him and shes far too old for him!!! It won’t last.

  2. Anonymous

    She has a bad taste in names . But I loved the film Nowhere Boy!<3 Also Aaron is so cute!

  3. Tiffany

    He is just Gorgeous…and he’s English!!!….I ♥ him. I think the age difference will eventually be a problem, but hopefully it last for their children.

  4. Anonymous

    I hate the hair on his face!

  5. Anonymous

    Congrats to them. I thought she looked pregnant at the McCartney event.
    So what if it doesn’t last, many relationships don’t.

  6. Tazina

    No, of course it won’t last. But then again, how many do last forever. But if both parents are amicable and make the children a priority, it’s not the end of the world.

  7. Tanya

    That is one FINE piece of man right there. I like him even more for being with Ms. Sam Taylor-Wood. Lucky lady.

  8. Sophia

    Congratulations to Sam and Aaron! I am extremely curious to hear what they name this one. Technically, CBS, Wylda Rae already has 2 older sisters, but you’re right, this baby will be her first full sibling.

  9. natalie

    she likes young, he likes old – so they are suited to each other lol

  10. Anon

    I am astonished by the comments about their age difference. Who cares? True love transcends anything, infatuation doesn’t.

    They seem to be a very private, stable, in love, committed couple that you DONT read about in the tabloids-at all. Two children and multiple scandal free years of being together and living together says alot of positive things about any couple, including them.

  11. antigoniem

    GOSH he’s GORGEOUS!!!! *gawks at picture*

  12. Iris

    Really guys? What crude comments are being made about their ages and whether or not it’s going to last!
    They seem a great couple and age is no issue when you love someone. They have been really open about their relationship ever since the beginning. I adore this couple and wish them all the best!
    Sam’s older daughters are named Angelica(14) and Jessie (6).

  13. Anonymous

    Omg he is gorgeous! Good luck to them both but soon the age will be a problem!

  14. Anonymous

    Effiin disgustin! It should be illegal, shes a cougar and whats he, sumfin dat was fit but turned fugly for an old bat like her! Yuck!

  15. Chinaa<3

    Age aint nothin but a number<3 i wish them the best 😉

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