Courteney Cox & Coco: L.A. Lovelies

Courteney Cox and Coco were seen with a friend in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (July 29).

Coco, 7, was sporting her new blonde highlights. It was just the day before she got her hair done at a Malibu salon.

Meanwhile the actress has a new project on her hands. She’s just been named home editor of lifestyle site Per the release, Cox “will be giving readers decorating advice and beauty tips.”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Danielle

    Ugh another crazy parent making their child more adult like. Really highlights for a 7 yr old? Whatever happened to parents just saying no to their kids.

  • Ondine

    She’s dying the hair of a 7-year old girl? And didn’t I recently see photos of this girl on this site wearing lipstick also? Why doesn’t the mother just go ahead and buy her a bra already? First she throws the girl’s father out of the house, then she fosters activities more appropriate for a young adult on a 7-year old. Maybe the mother should consider what is best for the child rather than giving in to the newest Hollywood trends in childrearing. This poor girl’s childhood will be over soon enough w/out her mother pushing her toward adulthood at such a very young age. Hair dye, makeup and high heels on children out in public, can’t state or county Child Protective Services do something for kids like this?

    • Anonymous

      Are you insane? Maybe you should learn what real child abuse is before making such ignorant comments about calling in Child Protective Services. You trivialize real abuse with comments like this.

  • Anonymous

    Ondine@ first off wow calm down and do you really think Courteney is forcing Coco no its more like Courteney is not saying no and letting Coco do whatever she wants. Do I agree with the hair and makeup no but you seem to take it way to personally.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… Coco is gorgeous !!

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