Alexis Knapp Gives Baby Kailani Ryan Phillippe’s Last Name

Though it hasn’t yet been confirmed that actor Ryan Phillippe is the father of ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp‘s newborn daughter, it’s starting to look more and more like the rumors are true.

confirms that on the baby’s birth certificate, her full name is listed as Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp, taking the middle name of Alexis, and the surnames of both the actor and model, respectively.

But despite reports that Ryan was by her side on July 1st when Kailani was born, Knapp still refrained from adding his name to the baby’s birth certificate.

Phillippe, already dad to 11-year-old daughter Ava and son Deacon, 7, with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, has not commented on the matter, but sources have said that he “is aware of the situation [and] totally prepared to take responsibility should the child be his.”

A friend of the Lincoln Lawyer star also says that although Ryan wasn’t invited to Knapp’s baby shower, he did send “some amazing gifts, including a crib.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    awwe thats so pretty! 🙂

  • Angela

    Well duh. She cant pimp out the baby with just the last name Knapp.

    • Janna

      But the baby’s last name *IS* Knapp.

      • Anonymous

        No, I thought this too but if you look at the actual birth certificate on TMZ in the “last name” column its “Phillippe Knapp” so both names are technically and legally her last name, it’s not her middle name.

      • Anonymous

        No, I thought this too but if you look at the actual birth certificate on TMZ in the “last name” column its “Phillippe Knapp” so both names are technically and legally her last name, it’s not her middle name.

  • Tracey

    Can you just choose the last name of your child?

    • Janna


      • Alexia

        Are you American?

        • Janna


    • Alexia

      I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      Well in this case, despite the misleading headline of this post, it’s isn’t the baby’s last name, it’s her second middle name. And you most certainly can give a baby any middle name you want.

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s her last name. Look at the birth certificate. It’s in the last name column not the middle name column.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean he agrees to that? Can you decide to use somebody’s name just like that?

  • Ondine

    It says a lot about the the mother if the father isn’t even sure he’s the baby’s father or not. And obviously the mother isn’t sure either if she isn’t naming him as the father on the baby’s birth certificate. The poor little girl is now reduced to being a rumor and a possible meal ticket. How sad.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about – a father does NOT have to be on the birth certificate, and it’s up to the mother if he is on there or not. she is probably listening to the advice of her lawyer and not putting him on there, that way he cannot take the baby from her for even a second – without a court order.

      he will have to go to court, with the dna results and ask to be acknowledged as the father of kailani for him to ever be able to execute rights as a father.

      it’s actually a very smart decision on her part – he’s made it clear that he doesn’t “know” if he’s the dad – then suddenly started stepping up in the end. if he has any intention of trying to get joint custody, etc. it will be months before it’s heard in court and the baby will already have a strong enough bond with mommy that he will at most get every other weekend with his child, just like every other dad who goes through this. i guarantee this all been recommended by her lawyer to ensure that she gets primary, if not full custody, and gets the biggest child support payment she can get out of ryan.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah really, I’m going to use the last name Depp for my next child.

  • Anonymous

    That is too weird.

  • Anonymous1

    She must be 100% sure he is the father (as in not sleeping with anyone else at the time) to give the baby his name. Maybe she wasn’t allowed to list him as the father without his permission? I don’t know.

  • Anonymous 2

    He seems to have the best of all possible responses. As opposed to “that’s not my baby until the DNA test tells me so” which unfortunately is how a lot of men respond. In any case, I wish them all well.

  • Anonymous

    He seems like a cheater.

  • Janna

    Even though they haven’t announced it (and lord, why would they?!?!), isn’t it possible that the DNA testing was already done, and it’s bee determined to be his baby?

    This child is a month old, DNA testing takes a week.

  • Sonya

    You can give your child any last name you want (in the US), it doesn’t even have to be in you family.

    But, as for listing the father on the birth certificate (if the parents are not married, of course), he has to give consent (or it has to be court mandated).

  • Jennie

    I don’t know how it is state to state but in my area, the father either has to sign the birth certificate or a dna test has to be performed, in order for a father to be listed on the certificate. I think the only exemption is if you are married and then the husband is automatically the legal father unless dna test proves otherwise.
    My assumption would be that a test was performed and that he is the father if he’s listed on the birth certificate.

  • Whittlea

    In Oklahoma were I used to do birth certificates only one signature goes on the form. Also the mothers maiden name is entered not a married name. and marriage status iis no longer on the form. Again this is Oklahoma so mom can name as she wants.

  • Maury


    • Anonymous

      Love this!!

  • MAURY #2

    Ryan – you are NOT the father!

  • Anonymous

    Did Ryan ever hear of a condom???

  • Anonymous

    this chick is skanky. and Kailani sounds like a cheap stripper name.

    • gini

      Kailani is a beautiful hawiian name that means heaven

  • jacquie109

    You can actually put any name on a birth certificate you want and guess what if you mess it up it has to be legally changed. I know this because my child’s fathers mother misspelled her last name on his birth certificate, last name was supposed to be Olsen it is Olson. Now it’s permanent and while she has the same last name as her father, it is not the family name.

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