Autumn Reeser: “Enjoy Your Newborn!”

Autumn Reeser is enjoying life with her baby Finn, her almost 3-month-old son with husband Jesse Warren. The actress recently took time out from her daily activities as a new mom to talk to She dishes out her personal experiences with pregnancy, fashion and beauty.

On how she pampered herself during pregnancy: “Naps! Usually I just push through tired moments with coffee and willpower, but in pregnancy I allowed myself the chance to sleep almost anytime I felt like it. I took an afternoon nap nearly every day, and when I was working, I slept in my trailer in between just about every scene. Once I passed out for five hours mid-day!”

On how she kept in shape during her pregnancy: “I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 17, and making time for prenatal yoga was a priority for me because it’s my primary stress-reliever. I went twice a week and hiked one day a week. Also, I planned to give birth naturally, and I used my workout sessions to work on my mindset and prepare for that experience.”

On her advice to new moms: “Enjoy your newborn! Before you know it, your once-teeny baby will be toddling around the house and you’ll be longing for the days when you could cuddle his tiny body in one arm. Even while you’re fighting through the lack of sleep and diapers and leaking milk, recognize that not too far in the future you will be missing these days with this brand-new little person. Take a deep breath and savor this moment in time.”

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