Jennifer Lopez: “Marriage Is Tough”

In an interview with Vanity Fair – her first since the surprising news of her split from Marc Anthony – newly single mom-of-two Jennifer Lopez opens up about love, marriage and divorce.

“That was my biggest dream, and I really worked hard at it. We both did. Sometimes it doesn’t work – and that’s sad,” the 42-year-old singer and actress says of the break-up.

Though she’s in the midst of her third divorce, Jennifer insists that she hasn’t given up on love: “I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love. It’s still my biggest dream. I am positive—determined to move forward with my life, bring up my babies, and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer, and person. I now look forward to new challenges. I feel strong.”

In a portion of the interview that seems to have taken place prior to the break-up announcement, Jennifer gives some insight into the troubles in her relationship, admitting that it was “getting increasingly harder” to balance career, kids and marriage.

“When we were [first] married, most of the time, and even before the babies were born, we were able to go everywhere together. I wasn’t working as much. So we kind of had that. I went on tour with him a few times in the first few years of our marriage, and we did a film [El Cantante] together. It’s hard, and we’re figuring it out,” she reveals. “It’s tough. And… everything is ramping up in a way. Like I said, we had the first three years of our marriage just for us. I wasn’t working, it was mainly about him. Then we got pregnant. Then it became about the kids. And then I started working again… Marriage is tough. It’s not going to be perfect…It’s definitely challenging.”

Of course, her marriage to Marc wasn’t Jennifer’s first high-profile romance – she dated Sean “Diddy” Combs for a couple of years and was engaged to actor Ben Affleck. Reflecting on her past relationships, J. Lo says, “I’m a hopeless romantic and passionate person when it comes to love. It’s not that I didn’t love myself before. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are compromising ourselves. To understand that a person is not good for you, or that that person is not treating you in the right way, or that he is not doing the right thing for himself—if I stay, then I am not doing the right thing for me. I love myself enough to walk away from that now.”

Looking back on their years together, Jennifer says of her ex, who is dad to their 3-year-old twins Max and Emme: “I will always respect Marc as a singer and performer. We actually work great together, and he was always very supportive. Together we could make magic—and we did. He will always be in our lives. He will always hold a special place in my heart as the father of my children.”

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Photo credit: Vanity Fair

  • ChiTownEggHead

    Marriage is tough? Who knew?

  • tiki

    oh, please. all seven years is, is a start. it’s not ‘working hard’ at marriage. talk to couples who’ve been through deployments, illness, job loss, or the loss of a child and who have still managed to honor their vows. THAT’S working hard at marriage. what lopez is talking about is bailing when it’s not fun anymore. same old/same old from the celebrity elite.

    • Anonymous

      Agree 100%!!

      • Anonymous

        Oh please. Self-righteous, conservative propaganda. If a marriage isn’t working, it JUST ISN’T WORKING. You shouldn’t have to keep on trudging through the bs when neither of you are actually HAPPY with each other.

        • Anonymous

          don’t get married in the first place. I am all for couples that live happily together without a marriage certificate. It’s just a piece of paper. It doesn’t guarantee fidelity or happiness.

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad I’m not your child.

  • Anonymous

    Whats up with her eyes in the cover? geez photoshop much?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and divorce and single parent is easier when you are a millionaire.

  • Janna

    And it’s a lot tougher when you (or the partners you choose) don’t fully appreciate what commitment and fidelity really mean.

    If it hasn’t worked *three* times for you, it’s time for a little self-reflection.

  • Anonymous

    duh! then do us a favor, J.Lo, don’t get married after only dating a guy for months….how many times has this lady been married? U would think she would learn by now…

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, that cover is ridiculousy artificial! This is a woman over 40, she makes other women feel miserable about their looks…

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen candid shots of her and she’s pretty much flawless in real life (lookswise at least). I think you are jealous.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! This woman cracks me up. She is full of herself and so is Marc Anthony. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Part of making a marriage work is choosing the right partner. Not the perfect partner, but the right partner. Time to put ego, money, and celebrity at the bottom of the list next time.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, it’s all about her alrighty which explains why she didn’t have any qualms about breaking up Marc’s marriage after Ben dumped her and she was on the rebound.

  • Anonymous

    He was husband #3. She’s gotta know the odds weren’t in their favor. She married a man she “dated” for mere months, who cheated on his wife and family with her, what did she expect was going to happen? There’s a reason why that saying that a man who marries his mistress just creates a job opening is around. So glad she loves herself enough to walk away from another failed marriage. I hope she gets the therapy she needs to be successful at marriage in the future.

  • Anonymous

    And the fact that her mom is the full time nanny. They are only available for
    Photo ops. Together they have a show together. She is busy with her fashion lin
    And tv show American Idol, and a movie with Cameron Diaz! One busy mom!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad she left Marc.

  • addie

    I just wanna thank you for sharing your information and your site or blog this is simple but nice article I have ever seen i like it i learn something today………

  • Annie123

    It sounds like she met another guy. The whole “he wasn’t treating me right” thing reeks of a new lover showing her how boring her life was and making her “hopelessly romantic” again. I guarantee you 200% we’ll see his face in the news in a couple weeks.

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