Soleil Moon Frye Debuts ‘Happy Chaos’ Video On Celebrity Baby Scoop!

We all loved her as Punky Brewster, the beloved TV character who reached the pinnacle of ’80s sitcom fame. These days, we can’t get enough of Soleil Moon Frye as the doting celeb mom, host of HerSay, Mommy Ambassador for Target and now as author of her new book Happy Chaos.

And not to mention the above fun video! The gorgeous mom of two daughters – Poet, nearly 6, and Jagger, 3 – takes us on a time warp of herself through the years in this fun video montage that she’s debuting right here on Celebrity Baby Scoop! After all, she says she “loves” our site and spends her nights scrolling through the latest dish. Take a look through the video celebrating her upcoming book Happy Chaos and read our exclusive interview below.

CBS: What can we expect from your new book Happy Choas?

SMF: “As a new parent, I felt like other moms and dads must have gotten a secret handbook that I somehow didn’t read. No matter how hard I tried to do things right, I was still clumsy. I would walk out of the house with my clothes on inside out or with black paint on the back of my jeans and only realize it by the end of the day.

I turned to social media to share with other parents and I soon realized that thousands of other parents were having the same issues that I was. I started to embrace that I was that ‘messy mom’ and I loved it! Now those paint covered jeans are one of my favorite pairs. When someone tells me I have paint on my behind, I say ‘Yep, I know.’

The book has super fun stories from my childhood and lots of great highlights. As well as tips, inspiration, and advice I have learned along the way.”

CBS: Jagger just turned 3 and Poet will be 6 this month! What are they into these days?

SMF: “Swimming! They have been doing swim lessons this summer and they are getting great. They absolutely love the water. They are like two little mermaids. We are also really into crafts. We are painting and making lots of fantastic stuff. In my role as Target’s Mommy Ambassador I get to share tips and different activities that the girls and I love doing. It makes doing the videos so much fun.”

CBS: Are you and your hubby Jason Goldberg hoping to try for a boy? Or are you done with babies?

SMF: “We’re totally open to having more kids and I would be happy with a boy or a girl! I love my little ladies and would be thrilled if our family grew soon. I am not pregnant now but you will be one of the first to know when I am :).”

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