LeAnn Rimes Has Her Hands Full!

Self-described “bonus mom” LeAnn Rimes was kept busy by her stepsons Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, as the trio headed out in Calabasas, California this week (August 1).

When the photographer pointed out that she had her hands full with the two energetic boys, the 28-year-old singer replied, “I know! Look at them!”

Meanwhile, LeAnn’s new husband Eddie Cibrian recently fired back against tabloid reports that she’s gotten “scary skinny,” gushing, “I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me – perfect.”

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Photo credit: KM Press Group

  • Amy

    That Jake is tooooo cute!

  • Anon

    Geez Leanne- put your fake boobs away when spending time with someone elses kids! She looks like a streetwalker! Where are her pants? What a pig!

    • Hope

      Shei s homewrecking lower form of life…another photo op in attempt to show the world that she is step motheer materiall..just can’t go over her ugly face.

    • Anonymous

      Um, I’m quite sure those boys are used to it, given the fact that anytime we see a picture of their mother she is dressed exactly the same!

  • EastParkSarah

    Kids are adorable! I agree she doesn’t look great, but it looks like whereever they just came from had water because both boys are in swimwear and she appears to have a bikini on with some type of coverup.

  • Thisisdisgusting

    Seriously why does this site continually encourage Eddie and Leann’s exploitation of those two little kids? You do realize that we are only seeing these kids faces and names because Eddie Cibrian had a press conference for his show Playboy Club. It’s disgusting that Eddie Cibrian made such a big fuss about his kids being on his ex-wife show, but then continues to allow Leann to invite the paps out with her and those boys.

    Of course Leann has her hands full; apparently her and Eddie Cibrian’s careers are toast and now they are exploiting two little kids to make themselves look good. Who does that?

    Eddie Cibrian fired back? Didn’t this man also fire back at the press and media when they said that he was having an affair with Leann? This man also fired back in court documents stating that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media and paps, and yet we have seen how many staged photos of those kids in just one day?

    And then Leann and Eddie just can’t understand why no one likes them. But it looks like the backlash against them has increased by 10X.

  • Krissy

    Hate to say this , but my gosh, she looks like trailer trash. God bless my Mom. What happened to this girl?????? She looks all skinny and strung out………

  • hlbronson

    Ha ha ha! What a piece of trash! You can take the girl out of the trailer park but can’t take the trailer park out of the girl!

  • musiclover

    Okay, I am not a LeAnn fan (she has always annoyed me for some reason), but would you people take the time to pay attention to the picture before you start running your mouths? As EastParkSarah pointed out, they obviously have just come from the beach or waterpark…how should she be dressed? She is in a bathingsuit w/ a coverup over it. I think that is perfectly acceptable.

    • Thisisdisgusting

      Obviously YOU. Isn’t that what you are doing?

      The fact of the matter is that we shouldn’t be seeing ANY photos of those kids, did you know that EC and LR staged THREE photos with those kids in just one day? And for what? Because EC had a press conference for his reality tv show.

  • Fabrice

    Wow, still so much hostility at LeAnn over the marital meltdown. I don’t see many people blaming Eddie though, he was the one with two young boys to consider, and he had the opportunity to say “no” on that set in Canada.

  • Thisisdisgusting

    Because Leann keeps going on and on about how she broke up another woman’s marriage and how it was God’s will that she found her one true love, did you see the lastest People magazine article about her wedding that came out on Wed?

    People do blame EC, it’s why he lost his job on CSI.

    EC is smart because he lays low and shuts up. He let’s LR do all the dirty work.

    People are disgusted with LR because she is constantly taunting a mother with her own kids. There was no reason for her to stage three photo-ops with those kids in just one day, but she did it and she the bad part is that before she met up with the paps, she tweeted her exact location to them.

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