Denise Richards: “I Don’t Bring A Lot Of Different Men Around My Kids”

As a single mom of three, Denise Richards doesn’t have much time for dating. But even if she did, the actress and author says being a celebrity makes it hard to find the right guy.

“I think dating in general is hard when you’re in the public eye and when you have children – I don’t bring a lot of different men around my children,” Denise, 40, tells CNN’s Piers Morgan. “It (media attention) makes dating difficult – if you’re out in public with someone for dinner, the media are like, ‘Who is the mystery man, who are you dating?’ So it does get tricky, but it is what it is.”

Denise, who is mom to daughters Sam, 7, Lola, 6, and new baby Eloise, says she hasn’t given up on love, though. She reveals what she looks for in a guy these days:

“The qualities I look for now are different than prior to getting married and having kids. Now I find myself very attracted to men who have children and I think one of the sexiest qualities in a man is seeing a man great with kids. I have three now and it’s a very attractive quality.”

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  • Anonymous

    So? Who asked you.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lola and Sam are so gorgeous !! That is such a cute dress on Lola

  • Anonymous

    Love Denise! Beautiful person and Mom!

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t bring men around because she obviously doesn’t know how to make smart choices.

  • Twinfish63

    I absolutely agree with her; seeing a man enjoying and being so gentle with children – and animals – is one of the sexiest things about a really decent guy.:)

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