Heidi Klum On The “Huge Responsibility” Of Having 4 Kids

She may make it look easy, but Project Runway host Heidi Klum admits that raising her four children – Leni, 7, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 22 months – has its challenges.

“It’s a huge responsibility to have four kids,” Klum tells Us Weekly. “They all have different likes and dislikes and activities that they want to do. You have to learn how to juggle all of that, and at the same time, give them each the love that they need.

When you have one [child], you can focus on one,” Heidi continues. “With four, you have to make sure [your attention] is all spread out just right. You have to understand how different they all are! And at the end of the day, there is not much time left for you!”

Luckily, Klum says that her kids are “a united bunch,” which makes things a lot easier to manage.

“They always stick together and take care of each other,” gushes the supermodel mama. “They love each other! They love helping Lou. They like to feed her [and] they include her in all their activities.”

Another big help – other than hubby, Seal? The family’s two German Shepherds Max and Freddy. Heidi says that the dogs “are starting to teach them about responsibility and caring for someone else. They are also learning about rules, schedules with feeding and walking and sharing. Having the two dogs is big time sharing for the kids!”

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  • Anonymous

    Walking around with 4 young kids in NYC, it’s clear Heidi needs a nanny or an assistant to keep everyone in line, but in this picture, there are 4 adults with the kids. Talk about overkill.

  • Janna

    I really don’t get why people insist on saying things like this.

    #1 – What’s it to you? Really.
    #2 – One is her mother. The other one looks like a bodyguard (which you would CERTAINLY have too if you had four kids and their kind of money). The last one could be a relative, but even if it’s a nanny, so what? Should the nanny sit home if the whole family is going out for ice cream or to the park or whatever? Would you not have the extra help if you could afford it to make sure that every kid was looked after extra well, especially in NYC?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Janna,
      It’s me again. One thing I like about you is that even when you disagree, you respond in a civilized, intelligent manner. If only other commenters were like that.

  • Anonymous @6:02


  • pinkonegirl

    I understand anon (your last comment) but sometimes when folks just say “oh shut up so what, you have a nanny so I don’t care go take your little rich self on somewhere and let us poor folk worry about “real” things” in response to articles like this (like some “intelligent and civilized” people did on the omg yahoo repost of this article and US mag repost) then I can see why some just get frustrated with the like of those who claim to “not care” and use this as a time to once again criticize a celeb (as if that’s hard to do itself). I mean she was talking aobut learning for HERSELF not for others who already knwo what it’s like to juggle and raise multiple kids.

    Besides did you get what Janna was saying? The thought that just because she has a nanny doesn’t mean she isn’t’ involved in raising her kids or even doing housework and it’s getting kinda redundant and easy for outsiders to say ALL the time.

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