Miranda Kerr & Her Beautiful Boy

What a gorgeous pair!

Australian-born beauty Miranda Kerr smiled for the cameras as she and her son Flynn were spotted out for a stroll in Sydney, Australia yesterday (August 4).

The model mom wowed on the catwalk this week, showing off her amazing post-baby body during a David Jones runway show.

“I am a little nervous about getting back on the runway, after just having a baby seven months ago, in a swimsuit,” Miranda admitted. “But you know, I have been doing my squats and I started Pilates as well as my usual yoga routine.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, Flynet

  • Anonymous

    nervous? she’s the picture of perfection……:/

    • Janna

      Look at the way people on websites (such as this one) will rip into a celebrity for the tiniest of flaws. Every other day, people talk about who looks pregnant, who has cellulite, whose boobs are too big or too small or too high or too low. It’s disgusting.

      Can you imagine how designers and agents probably make models feel? The only reason I can think of that a woman who looks like this might still feel nervous is that she is paid to be perfect and any perceived flaw could mean she out of a job.

  • Anonymous

    Flynn the cutest baby ever,my opinion miranda so much like aishwary

  • chocolate_bear

    oh my. if this isn’t the most adorable baby boy i’ve seen in a long time …

  • Country girl

    What a gorgeous little boy he is. She looks stunning – would never say she had given birth with a figure like that!

  • :)

    Its beautiful baby!! Cute boy!

  • Anonymous

    Both perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Cute kid but not sure I would put pink jeans on him.

    • Anonymous

      Well, good thing you don’t actually have to worry about what to dress him in since you’re not his mother.

    • gini

      They aren’t pink, they are kinda a faded red.

  • Krissy

    I don’t say this often but she is stunning. Can’t think of anyone more beautiful in the public eye. Absolutely beautiful baby and mommy

  • Anonymous

    She always looks so uncomfortable when she holds him.

    • boyscout

      wha???? she’s always smiling and actually *carries* him around everywhere instead of pushing him in a stroller. Someone that was uncomfortable holding a child would not carrying them while walking down the street in heels. And, she looks incredible amazeballs. How many women have a body like that even before they get pregnant, let alone 7 months out? good lord!

      I know there isn’t a cutest baby contest here.. but seriously, Flynn is the cutest I’ve seen so far this year. He is so stinken cute!

  • nicoleC

    her baby boy looks like a little girl @sweet

  • boyscout

    He is the cutest celebrity baby! And she has the sweetest face. Just darling!

  • Anon31

    That is one seriously cute baby…. his eyes, his chubbiness…I just want to nibble on his face!

  • Bink

    Every time I see those little eyebrows, I chuckle. They are his father’s to a t. I’ve never looked at a baby’s eyebrows and thought that before-so cute. Good genes. Kinda like Shiloh’s.

  • March

    Baby Flynn is heavy! She’s working it and at Flynn’s age he can earn his keep, by wearing boy/girl clothing! Mother/Son look so good in this photo…beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Baby Flynn is just the cutest thing EVER! that family is so gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness!! You can tell Orlando is the baby daddy! Mini Orlando, so precious!! 🙂 And what a gorgeous mommy! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Flynn adroble baby and miranda just like her self and she has naural beauty not like ather one

  • musiclover

    Miranda looks beautiful, and I agree that Flynn looks so much like his daddy. He is seriously an adorable baby! (and btw…I can’t believe that people are actually making comments about his jeans! Seriously?!)

  • Dana

    gorgeous-both of them~

  • popsykl

    loving the red skinny jeans….beautiful baby! its his aussie genes go aussie

  • Emily

    I think it’s this photo or another, but Flynn is actually wearing a “KerrBloom” t-shirt. How cute for Miranda and Orlando to get him their “nickname” on a shirt for him.

    Miranda Kerr is a favourite of mine and Flynn is absolutely adorable. xo

  • Anonymous

    I agree I don’t normally comment on these sites but what a cutie pie!!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG so freaking stinking cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Seriously what a beautiful baby boy 😀

  • Anonymous

    The must beautiful baby boy in Hollywood, is Flynn. He will be heart breaker when he reaches manhood. I’m not big fan of his mother, she absolutely beautiful.

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