Jennifer Garner & Her Vivacious Violet

Tutu cute!

Jennifer Garner and Violet were seen leaving ballet class in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday afternoon (August 5). Violet showed her mom an energetic jump after getting off the escalator!

Earlier in the day, Jennifer had breakfast with hubby Ben Affleck and 2-year-old Seraphina at a local eatery.

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Photo credit: GSI Media/Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Will these photos finally put to rest the “she’s pregnant” rumors?

    • Anonymous

      Of course not. Things like “facts” and “evidence” and “logic” mean nothing to the people who have a bizarre fixation on believing she must be pregnant. Of course, month after month, it proves to be untrue, yet you never see any of them admit they were ever wrong.

      • Another Anonymous

        So true about the “fixation” and it is VERY bizarre that they want to believe JG is pregnant. They don’t know this woman from Adam, yet they seem to have a vested interest in whether she has another child or not.

        I wonder what’s going on at home with these folks (or not going on, if you get my drift ;)).

  • Anonymous

    No, because everybody WANTS her to have a third kid. It’s all wishful thinking. BTW, Violet is always up in the air, jumping with joy! Love her.

  • Ellen

    Watch out. Someone will claim she’s hiding a bump with her arm or Violet’s head or because she’s wearing longer sleeves.

    That seems to be a really happy kid. She’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    And when she loses that extra weight ,everybody will say she’s too skinny.And that Ben is making her depressed….blahh…blah.Just leave this family alone and enjoy the pics

  • anonymous

    According to a Blind Item by Ted Casablanca from the E! Channel, she is pregnant, but not happy because Ben doesn’t want another baby cause he wants a divorce to get back to JLo. Yeah, like that.

    Honestly i really don’t know how people like that dude get to know so much detail as those concerning their private lives. Or at least pretend they know. I for one, don’t believe it. It all sounds ridiculous.

    • sandy g

      Ha!Ha! Love your second paragraph – so true, what does he do, go digging in their garbage cans, follow them to doctor’s appointments….? Makes you wonder.

    • Janna

      I saw a front page cover on some tabloid in the supermarket announcing the ‘alleged’ JLo reunion, and I thought how horrible it is that Jennifer Garner would have to see that, but what’s worse is that their daughter can read! Some people have no shame.

  • Anonymous

    The Jlo rumors can now be put to rest she Jlo has a new Beau. On the set romance again ! So those Jlo and Ben rumors can now be put to rest. Ben is making another movie in another country. No he does want a son !

  • Anonymous

    Garner is pregnant, Ben is trying to leave her and time will tell everything!

    • Anonymous

      She´s pregnant, you´re right.
      Her last pics at celebuzz – she looks bigger. Like, really bigger.

  • Love will keep them together

    Ben does not want to leave her! He Loves her and always will. The mom of his
    Daughters. They have the perfect pattern in how they do things and always will!

    She has two movies coming out this year and we will see what. Happens thanx
    Celebrity baby scoop ..

  • Anonymous

    The blind item is confusing because when i read it i remembered that Ben was the one who wanted a third child to try for a boy and Jennifer didn’t want more. And now this? I hope it’s not true.

  • bookjunkie

    Violet Affleck is a lil darling 🙂 She’s so sweet and I love how down to earth her parents are.

  • Anonymous

    People are fools who believe any blind item. if it were true, the tabs would run with it (See tiger woods, arnold schwartzernegger, john edwards etc etc) and name names. Jen is about to shoot 2 movies, I doubt if she is pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      The tabs do once they are revealed. The people you mentioned above were blind items before they were all made public and exposed, I guess you’re the fool.

  • Anonymous

    J-Lo and Ben was eight years ago…that’s a long time. People need to move on and see that the Afflecks are happily married and have a darling little family. Violet is quite the beauty and I see she got her Dad’s lankiness.

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