Rachel Zoe On Pregnancy & The Pitfalls Of Running An Empire

For years, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe‘s weight has been a hot topic: “Is she too thin?” “Does she have an eating disorder?” … And the tabloid chatter didn’t stop during the fashionista’s pregnancy with son Skyler Morrison Berman. But despite what some thought about her supposed issues with weight gain, Zoe says that she was simply ba-nan-as about her pregnant body.

“I really loved that I had curves, a belly,” Rachel revealed during her recent Nightline interview. “It was really fun — more boobs!

I think gaining weight as a pregnant woman, it’s like, ‘Party on!'”

Since giving birth, and the end of her pregnancy party, Rachel, 39, admits that it’s been difficult balancing being the mother of a newborn and running her fashion empire.

“I’m not going to candy-coat it,” says Zoe, “my life is a lot. There are times where I want to just go into my closet, close the door, take my baby in there with me, and be like, ‘Everything needs to stop like right now. I need to slow this party down.'”

From what we’ve seen of her closet, it would probably be a pretty relaxing place to go for some R&R!

The Rachel Zoe Project
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  • Anonymous

    LOL – Her “supposed” issues about weight gain. Tabloid chatter? GMAFB. Anyone with eyes and a brain can figure out this woman has a major problem with food. In particular, I loved this quote ( hope the interviewer brought a shovel) “I really loved that I had curves, a belly,” .

    • Come on..

      If you click on the link you can watch it. IMHO, I don’t think the interviewer bought it. Nor would anyone with the IQ of a gerbil.

  • ZaraB

    I don’t recall seeing any curves on her when she was pregnant. She might be able to convince herself that she loved her supposedly ‘curvy’ self, but I doubt she’s going to convince anyone else… It’ll take a few more asparagus spears to make you look anywhere close to a healthy weight, Rachel…

  • Anonymous1

    I’m SURE she loved being bigger and gaining weight!? Not.

  • Seriously?

    I didn’t bother to watch the clip of the interview – WTF was she doing on NIghtline, isn’t that a serious news show – but I would love to have seen the reaction of the interviewer to these quotes. How could anyone keep a straight face.

  • Anonymous

    i dont believe she liked being “curvy” for a f*in second…..

  • Anonymous

    She is so full of it. She was practically the same size through her entire pregnancy as she was before it. She has obvious eating disorder issues. She hid her bump through her entire pregnancy in very baggy clothing, even at major events. Even at her biggest, her bump didn’t look like it was more than 6 months along. She didn’t have curves or boobs at all. Delusional about her body.

  • Joanne

    SHE’s 39? Hahahahahahaha! That must be in “Hollywood” years. In real life – i.e. her birth certificate age – it’s more like 44+ and that’s being generous especially when you look at someone like Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock…

  • Sarah34

    I have no problem with her being really thin but what bugs me is that she going around talking about how she loved her “curves” when she wasted no time getting back to her unhealthy size. Rachel supposed ” issues about weight gain PLEASE I watch her show (I don’t anymore and am ashamed that I watch to begin with) and whenever she goes out with people she never eats everybody else will be eating and she would be drinking coffee or drinks wine and never touches her plate. Just like she lies about her age some time she says she been in the fashion business for 15 years and other times she says 20 years watch doesn’t match the age she says she is, her whole interview is just laughable.

  • LaKesha

    Who does like being curvy? When the Mowry sister was profiled in the red carpet after giving birth, you mothers stated she should be wearing spanx. Now you’re critical of this woman because she is thin? Jealous?

    • Anonymous

      Only someone with an eating disorder would be jealous of a body like that.

      • Sandy3

        So true, but the jealousy would not last for long when they realize that the wrinkles, brittle bones and parched skin are also part of the package!

  • Anonymous

    This woman always looks and sounds miserable – even when she’s supposedly smiling, she looks like she is sucking on a lemon. Maybe it’s the hunger pains.

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