Miranda Kerr Was Warned She’d Have A Big Baby

After giving birth to her son Flynn, who weighed in at almost ten pounds seven months ago, and looking in amazing shape these days you wouldn’t think Miranda Kerr’s pregnancy weight was a concern to anyone. However the Victoria Secret model admits it was her grandmother who warned her about eating too much while she was expecting.

She tells Sydney Morning Herald’s Life & Style magazine, “I put on 40 pounds, but I wasn’t fazed. I was eating so much and my grandma was like, ‘Love, you had better stop eating. You’re going to make a big baby and I don’t know how you are going to push it out.’ I was like, ‘Nan, it’s fine,’ but she was the only one who knew.”

As for motherhood, Kerr says “It’s just the best thing I have ever done.”

She adds, “To have children was one of the main things I’ve wanted to do in my life, and it really was better than I ever thought it would be. I’m really lucky because I have a good-natured boy.”

Speaking about husband Orlando Bloom, she says he is “amazing.”

He is so supportive and he is incredible with Flynn, and he is really helpful and very hands-on. He does it all. When I’m working, because I’m breastfeeding, I pump and then I put the bottles in the freezer and he feeds the baby and that way he has a good bonding experience, too.”

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  • Karyl

    Gosh that is gonna be one heck of a good looking baby. Miranda and Orlando seem to be really good parents. Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful mother and child. But I disagree that weight gain correlates with a big baby. I gained 50 lbs in pregnancy and had a 6 lb baby, very healthy little girl. I think genetics has more to do with it, my husband’s family are lean tall people.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I gained 40 lbs. with my first pregnancy and had a 6 lb. baby. Gained 25 lbs. with my second pregnancy and again, had a 6 lb. baby.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think 40 lbs is an enormous amount of weight to gain during pregnancy, particularly if you are on the thin side to start with.

  • Alyson

    I agree that weight does not always correlate with the size of the baby. My best friend gained 30+ and had a 5 pounder! While my sister only gained 9 with her 3rd and he was still 6 pounds. haha…so I’m sure “eating for two” does not mean a healthy big baby.

  • Anonymous

    by far the stupidest thing i have ever heard. 40 lbs is not over doing it. it’s also not wise to not eat simply bc you don’t want your baby to be big. some people put on 60 lbs and have 6 lbs babies – it just doesn’t definitively work like that. she should be ashamed of making a statement like this.

    • Anonymous9

      If a comment by a grandma to her granddaughter about the size of her baby and not gaining too much weight is by far the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, then you are either very young or incredibly sheltered. You have a true gift for overstatement.

      • Anonymous

        LOL! I love what you said above me! Some people are so dramatic!

  • ZaraB

    40lb is probably at the upper limit of the recommended weight gain for someone of her size and stature. but I agree – it’s not necessarily the reason she gave birth to a 10lb baby. I am pretty thin naturally, and only gained 13lb during my last pregnancy (I am a big eater, but didn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to live on junk), but my son was 8lb 5oz at birth. I’m pregnant again, and have gained very little weight anywhere but my belly, and they are already estimating that my baby will be close to 10lb at birth! My first baby was exactly the same size as I was at birth, and my mum had a similar size 0 frame, but just produced babies on the larger side of average!

  • Anonymous

    Having a big baby usually comes from having gestational diabetes. being pregnant with my first child, I’m trying to watch my weight so I don’t end up with it. There is such a thing as gaining too much in pregnancy but 40 lbs is not a big deal…some women gain upwards of 75lbs, and that’s a concern unless you are having multiples.

    • Daniella

      It really depends on the woman, my mother had three babies who were all over 10lbs & gained well over 60lbs with each pregnancy. However, she never had gestational diabetes with any of us, delivered naturally & lost all of the extra weight within a few months after giving birth, getting back to her original 140lbs (she’s 5’10”) without a problem. Some families/women just deliver very big babies, no matter what they eat, weight they gain, or how much they exercise, which seems to be the trend on both sides of my family.

  • Anonymous

    Cute big baby boy

  • chocolate_bear

    by far the cutest little boy i’ve seen in a very long time … could watch him forever … awww

  • Anonymous

    i was 8-10, so my mom was very strict diet wise when pregnant with my sister & succeeded in having a smaller baby. my sister was 8-8.

  • jules Edwards

    My first son weighed 9 lb 3, my 2nd, 10 lb 2 and i am a size 6-8 !! I dont have diabetes and gained 3 stone on both pregnancies,my sister is a size 18 and had a 6 pound baby ! The bigger you are does not mean the bigger your baby will be!

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