Tobey Maguire & Family: Sunday Stroll

Spiderman star Tobey Maguire enjoyed a sunny Sunday morning in Brentwood, California with his wife Jennifer Meyer and their cute kids Ruby, 4, and Otis, 2 (August 7).

The foursome were spotted on their way to a family breakfast date at the Brentwood Country Mart.

The 36-year-old actor will be heading to court in January. According to E!, “A trial has been set for the week of Jan. 30, 2012, in a lawsuit filed against the actor by a trustee for investors seeking the return of more than $300,000 that Maguire won playing poker with a Beverly Hills hedge fund manager who was betting with clients’ money.”

Tobey isn’t the only A-lister who allegedly took part in the high-stakes poker games: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are all rumored to have been involved as well.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Celebrity boys look like girls and celebrity girls look like boys.

  • Felicity

    Aww they’re so cute. I love Otis blond curls, but he should get a haircut, he’s starting to look like a girl and it’s not true anonymous 3:17 pm. Ruby doesn’t look like a boy. Otis looks a little bit like a girl, but if they cut a little bit of Otis curls then he looks more like a boy.

    • Anonymous

      You know, perhaps the kid wants to wear his hair long. It happens, just like sometimes girls want to have their hair cut short. I think it’s wonderful if parents accept that and let their children express themselves rather than forcing tham to comply with silly, pointless gender rules. What a sad person you are when you think it matters whether someone has long or short hair…

      • Felicity

        Jeez. It’s just a comment. I didn’t say anything negative. Go annoy someone else!!

        • camila

          Hehe, touched a nerve there, eh?

          • Felicity

            Oh you towo, well go annoy someone else if you feel better about that.

          • Anonymous

            “Felicity” has extremely thin skin and reacts like this whenever anyone responds to her comments. Apparently she thinks no one else is allowed to have an opinion except her. Also doesn’t understand what the “reply” button is for.

          • Maaike

            Do you have an obsession with Felicity. Apparently I guess you have. It’s also funny that say that she thinks no one else is allowed to have and opinion except her and that you said that she doesn’t understand what the reply button is for. Well I think she does understand what it is for, because you said that she react if someone replies her comment.

            Do you actually know her in real life???

  • arabella

    adorable kids

  • Anonymous

    Ruby is beautiful…Love that dress on her !!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 3:17@ You must really live in a box that you don’t see little boys with long hair and tomboy girls that are not celebrities in every day life.

  • Rach

    they are some unhealthy looking vegan people.

  • Lioness

    Not a fan of Otis’ hair. On ANYone, boy or girl. He’s such a cutie, that unruly hair obscures his face.

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