Gabriel Aubry & His Pre-School Sweetie

Hands-on dad Gabriel Aubry was seen as he whisked away his sweet daughter Nahla, 3, in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (August 10).

Nahla didn’t look like she was in the best mood, but a grueling day of pre-school will do that to you.

The custody battle over Nahla is continuing for Gabriel and Halle Berry, but at least they’ve managed to work out an amicable arrangement for their daughter’s school pickup and dropoff schedule.

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  • Anonymous

    Nahla is so pretty… Cannot help but say it everytime I see her. Even though she is a little munchkin, I”m sure Nahla gets very sick of her name being called out by complete strangers, and them taking all these pictures. Irony for Gab is that he does that for a living (being photograhped) but I bet if he had his way, some of these stalkers would be put under that very same bus that Halle saw his picture on…. I love seeing all of them, bit this is getting a bid ridiculous.. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Fingers not working … LOL s/b but this is getting a bit o_O

  • Anonymous

    Does school run year-long in Hollywood, or do they start early? In any case, I’m surprised that at 3 she goes for a full day – where I live, it’s only 1/2 day 2x per week 🙁

    • Janna

      I would imagine that most (paid) pre-schools run year-round. Pre-school is just day-care with more of an emphasis on building skills.

      Did the article say that she went for a full day?

      • Anonymous

        ITA it’s pretty much just glorified daycare. I assumed it was a full day because it said “Nahla didn’t look like she was in the best mood, but a grueling day of pre-school will do that to you.”

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Aug 10th is very early to be going to pre-school so it’s probably day care/summer camp or something.

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