Megyn Kelly: My Family Is “True Bliss”

FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, sporting a new hairdo which has the blogosphere buzzing, recently returned to the air after giving birth to daughter Yardley in April. The “America Live” anchor, who also has two-year-son Yates, talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being a new mom-of-two and how she is juggling career and family.

Congratulations on the birth of baby Yardley. How have you adjusted to being a mom of two? Challenges?

It is definitely more challenging being the mother of two. My attentions are divided and that is tough now that I’m back at work. I want to be completely focused on each child when I am home, but necessarily they share my attention. I feel great being back at work, but I confess I’ve also been in tears each morning leaving them. It’s really hard. I love them so completely, and yet I need to work and enjoy working. I just wish I could do it for fewer hours each day so I could be with them more. I think most working moms can relate to this feeling.

You just returned from maternity leave. How are you balancing your career and a young family?

Balance is not that hard as long as you don’t put too much on the opposite ends of the scale. I have my work and my family and occasionally time with my friends. But work and family take up 90% of my life, and that’s the way I want it. I’m not a socialite. I don’t vacation without my children. I don’t push to do after-hours documentaries that will keep me away from my family even more. I have a job I love and a husband and now two kids I adore and that’s enough for true bliss for me.

Upon her return to the air Kelly jumped right back into the action, talking about the S&P downgrade and President Obama’s address before proclaiming, “I’m Megyn Kelly, and I’m back!”

On her first day back, Kelly didn’t waste any time taking talk-radio host Mike Gallagher to task for his recent comments that the new mom’s three months of maternity leave was “a racket.” Watch a feisty Kelly putting a sheepish Gallagher on the spot:

In what seems like a direct response to Gallagher, the busy mom recently sat down with USA Today and dished on that hectic time following the birth of a baby. “Nobody really tells you that maternity leave, especially the first couple of weeks, may not be all joy and bliss,” said Kelly, who adds that her son was easier than her new daughter. “It may be really damn hard.

“I don’t know if I’d be a very good mother if I was there [at home] full time. I’d worry that I’d get stale because I’d be missing my old life,” she added.

Kelly also talked about the support she got after Yardley was born, specifically from an old friend – disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner. “[He] sent me a nice note after Yardley was born,” she said. “I feel sorry for his family. His wife doesn’t deserve this. I have been in the position, not with my current marriage, where I’ve been betrayed. In the beginning, the instinct is very powerful to hang on.”

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  • Anonymous

    Cute kid but what a mistake naming them Yates and Yardley! ICK!

  • Dana

    Love her and love the names!

  • Anonymous9

    Beautiful baby. Love her and glad she’s back.

  • Tazina

    I find those names quite awful.

    • Anonymous9

      A pretty strong opinion for somebody who goes by Tazina.

  • Anonymous 2 cents

    She’s the best. Cute baby – YIKES on the names.

  • hmmm

    Those are the worst names I’ve ever seen and that is no exaggeration.

  • Lioness

    Her daughter is absolutely adorable, what a cutie! Too bad her mother’s a turd (although her haircut looks good, lol).

  • Celine

    I hate her so much! I wish she could just take an indefinite maternity leave. I don’t think I like anyone on that network anyway.

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