Marcia Cross & Girls: Summer Fun!

It was a busy day for sisters Savannah (blue shirt) and Eden Mahoney!

After spending the morning at summer camp in Malibu, California yesterday, the 4-year-old twins seemed very happy to see their mom Marcia Cross when she arrived to pick them up. After a quick cuddle – and a change of clothes – the trio hit the beach for a sunny seaside stroll.

The very hands-on mom will soon have even more time for fun with her gorgeous girls – it was recently revealed that the upcoming 8th season of her hit show Desperate Houswives will be its last.

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Photo credit: Flynet, Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Savannah’s a cool little tomboy 🙂

  2. Nina Mike

    Savanah- realy great little strong lady. Very, very feminin, but from the strongest sport women. This is the unmistakable new Shirley Temple- very strong but very feminin.

  3. Anonymous

    These pictures are just adorable. Marcia looks so happy and her girls are just precious. I love how she encourages their different personalities.

    But why is it okay for Savannah to dress like that and not Shiloh? If there were pictures of Shiloh in that beach attire, the media would go mad.

  4. Anonymous

    Dress like what? Marcia always dresses them in hats and long sleeve rashguards?

    Quite frankly its silly, just spray em down with sun screen instead

    • Daniella

      Considering Savannah’s & Eden’s skin tones look pretty similar to mine, I really don’t blame her for dressing them in the protective shirts she does. Sunscreen just does NOT cut it for me after a half-hour, which has led to me getting some pretty terrible sunburns that never lead to a tan. My whole family is really pale & fair-haired, our skin is just not made for exposure to the sun for more than an hour or so without burning.

      Marcia’s just trying to protect their skin, and if her family is as prone to melanoma as mine, than I commend her for it.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s not silly to dress them that way when their skin is so so pale. I’m glad she is protecting their skin from the sun. Unless you have fair skin you just don’t know girl…

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