David Arquette Tells Coco To “Rise Above” Bullies

David Arquette says his 7-year-old daughter Coco has been bullied. While at last night’s WWE and The Creative Coalition’s “be a STAR” anti-bullying alliance event, he explained what he and Courtney Cox told her when the situation happened.

He said, “Well you know she has been bullied, people have hurt her feelings and you just have to tell her and tell these kids [who have been bullied] that they’re special, that they have a special gift that nobody else has, that they have a light inside of them that can be positive. You can choose to accept this negativity that’s coming your way or you can rise above it and be the best person you can be.”

He added that communication has to stay open with teachers and to let people know what’s going on.

The actor pointed out, “Part of bullying is people not standing up, not doing anything so its really about making the teacher aware about it, bringing it out into the open and you know, a lot of times this stuff lives in the dark.”

As for Coco dealing with the couple’s separation, he says they all communicate effectively.

We talk quite a bit and we’re really open and we’re really communicative. Coco is really open too and she asks us questions. We all communicate much better now than ever before.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I’d hate my dad if he told the whole world I was getting bullied.

  2. Angi

    The world needs to hear from a father about bullying. The more it is talked about,maybe less kids will kill themselves.

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