Halle Berry & Her Pretty Preschooler

Halle Berry was seen picking up Nahla from school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (August 12). The actress looked relaxed in worn jeans while carrying her daughter’s belongings. Later on in the day, the pair went shopping with friends at Calypso On Sunset.

Looks like it will be a fun weekend for the family. Halle turns 45 this Sunday!

It’s probably safe to say she’ll include boyfriend Olivier Martinez in the birthday celebrations.

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Photo credit: Fame/Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t that beautiful child ever smile?

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe because the idiot paps are always in her face. If they followed me all over, I wouldn’t smile either.

  3. anonymous

    I guess the paparazzi live in front of the preschool to take pictures on a daily basis of Nahla coming and going. TGIF paps, take a effing break!!

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful? She is not beautiful……I can’t even see anything in her that says “cute”.

  5. Tallualah

    TMZ covers allot of stories, gotta love the annoying flashes directly into their precious eyes.–ugh, for the children who do not want flashes in their eyes.-duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Anonymous

    It should be a law against allowing the paparazzi to take pictures of children under twelve. They are always at Nahla’s school and she hates it! Leave her alone she is not a celebrity.

  7. Trina

    Nahla is a pretty little girl.. I just noticed her and Hank Jr have the same adorable curls!

  8. Anonymous

    Why isn’t she smiling? Who would feel like smiling when they hounded and confronted by a horde of creepy, strange men with cameras calling out their name? ITA with the other poster – children need to be protected. CAndid, spontaneous shots are one thing, especially when a long lens is used, but this is a disgrace.

    BTW, just curious why is she in school in August? They work them hard down there in Hollywood.

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