Kingston Rossdale Shaves His Head!

It’s another new ‘do for Kingston Rossdale!

Sporting a Run DMC T, the 5-year-old son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale showed off his newly shaved head while out running errands with a nanny in Studio City, California today (August 11).

Kingston seems to like changing up his look – after all, it wasn’t too long ago that we spotted him with a bold blue mohawk!

What do you think of his latest hairdo?

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Sujinah

    He still looks super cute.

  2. Felicity


  3. Anonymous

    What a handsome child!

  4. Anonymous

    well that got rid of all the hair dye maybe now his mom will let it grow in natural and leave it alone

  5. Tazina

    Have you looked at Zuma? He is very blonde and his hair is not dyed. Kingston is the same. His hair was not dyed, just sun bleached. Hair close to the scalp always looks much darker.

  6. Rachel

    This is a really cute look on him… he is a very handsome little boy.

  7. lavender

    it’s about time! hopefully the rest of hollywood will copy and give their boys boy haircuts.

  8. Anonymous

    probably fell out from all the chemicals she puts in his hair!!

  9. Anonymous

    Tazina@ what are you smocking do you also believe Gwen hair is natural please wake up and smell the bleach, wants Zuma turned one they started to bleach Kingston hair.

    I think their letting his hair go natural cut it all off to start from the begging, and I think he was cuter with hair I’m not liking the new look.

  10. Janna

    There are a dozen reasons they could have cut his hair, but who cares why? He’s looked super-cute before, and he looks super-cute now.

  11. antigoniem

    He kinda looks like a cuter version of Tommy Picles from the Rugrats. lol

  12. Lioness

    Not a huge fan of the new cut (I’ve always loved all his funky hairstyles), but he’s a cute boy nonetheless :-).

  13. Anonymous

    They let him decide about his hair. Heidi Klum just said her boys wanted to cut their hair despite her objections

  14. Anonymous

    Hopefully they’ll let his hair grow back naturally now..
    I did like the mohawk but he does looks cute with his hair now (:

  15. Anonymous

    I’m thinking LICE too. Happens all the time.

  16. Anonymous

    There’s something creepy about this kid – and no, it has nothing to do with being a celebrity spawn. Other celeb kids on this site could be anyone’s kid – they are normal kids who could blend in with the crowd (Jennifer Garner’s kids, Naomi Watts, Gwyneth, etc. ). This kid just seems odd.

  17. Anonymous

    WHY OH WHY does this child always stick his tongue out! HOW RUDE!
    Jennifer Garner needs to give Gwen some celebrity parenting advice.
    He’s 5, not 2. He’s so adorable but I’m a teacher & I wouldn’t want him in my class.

  18. Anonymous

    Adorable? yes! Rude? yes!
    He’s 5, not 2.
    I’m a teacher and I wouldn’t want him in my class.
    Jennifer Garner needs to give Gwen some celebrity parenting advice.

  19. Shannon

    Whoa. I have never noticed t before, but with this look, I just realized Kingston looks almost EXACTLY like my son, only blonde!! I knew he was a cutie, but now I think he’s got to be the second cutest boy alive!!!!!

  20. gbaby

    cute tee i wonder where you can buy this shirt.

  21. Anonymous

    Now, if only his father would do something about that awful, greasy ponytail!!!

  22. Anonymous

    They shouldn’t be going after the kid when he’s with his NANNY. His parents are famous, not him. This celeb kid thing has gotten way out of control.

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