Gavin Rossdale & Kingston: Touring Buddies

Gavin Rossdale and Kingston showed up for a flight at LAX on Friday (August 12). The two were on their way to Iowa, where Gavin will be performing with his band Bush tonight.

Kingston even gave a V sign to photographers!

The action inspired his rocker dad because he did the same thing.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • SallyAnn

    It’s a peace sign, not a v sign.

    • Sujinah

      It is also called a V sign.

  • Anonymous

    Is it not Gavin giving the V sign and Kingston holding up one finger?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it looks that way to me too. Fortunately it’s his index finger, not the middle one!

  • anonymous

    It’s on the third picture , he is doing the same sign as Gavin. Look carefully , we can see the same sign with his two little fingers

    • Anonymous

      Not unless he has 5 fingers and a thumb….

  • Mia

    This kid is so beautiful !!! <3

    • Anonymous

      EEW. Down girl!!

  • Anonymous

    Kingston is pointing out the paps. I don’t see a nanny for this trip.

    • Anonymous

      And???? What’s your point?

    • Anonymous

      Should there be a nanny? You say that as though it’s to be expected. Geez…

  • Anonymouse

    No doubt, the kid is a first class douche like Gwen and Gavin..

    • Anonymous

      you may not like his parents fair enough but it’s not nice call names to little kids, that’s low.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to see kingston happy just with his dad 🙂 and big improvement on the hair, kids are just better au naturale I must say.

    • Anonymous

      Big improvement on the hair? I assume you mean the kid, not the dad – lose the ponytail and make the world a better place.

    • Anonymous

      The dad needs to take some styling tips – looks like a goof.

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